9th Central European Conference highlighted the latest trends and innovations of European and world textiles

Md. Raju Ahmed,  Campus Correspondent, Wuhan Textile University, Wuhan, China     
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The 9th Central European Conference (CEC) on giber – grade polymers, chemical fibers and special textiles was held in Liberec, Czech Republic at the Faculty of Textile Engineering, Technical University of Liberec from 11th to 13th September 2017.

Prof. Dr. Veronika TUNÁKOVÁ, Technical University of Liberec, CZE was the President of Organizing Committee and Prof. Dr.Jiří Militký, Technical University of Liberec, CZE was the President of Scientific Committee.

Conference invited the original research and review papers from all over the world for both oral and poster presentations as an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest European and world trends, technological advancements and innovations in the field of textile fibers, materials, technologies and design. Additionally, the conference discussed aspects of sustainability.

Figure 1: Area of poster presentation.
Figure 1: Area of poster presentation.

The program started with the three consecutive welcoming speeches from Prof. Zdeněk KŮS (Rector of Technical University of Liberec), Dr. Jana DRAŠAROVÁ (Dean of Faculty of Textile Engineering) and Prof. Jiří MILITKÝ (President of Scientific Committee) respectively. Prof. Dr. Henry Yi LI, Chair in Textile Science and Engineering in the School of Materials, the University of Manchester, gave a key lecture on Bioengineering Smart Functional Textiles.

Prof. Ana Marija GRANCARIC, Ph.D., C.Col. FSDC, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb, provided an overview on Textile Sensors in Textile Reinforced Composites. Dr. Maria Wallenius HENRIKSSON, Ph.D., IVL The Swedish Environmental Research Institute, revealed the answer of the question “Can composite parts compete with other material choices in the heavy duty automotive industry, from an environmental perspective?”Prof. Izabella KRUCINSKA, PhD, College of Commodity Science, Lodz University of Technology, reviewed the Technologies of Chemosensory Nonwoven Fabrics and Dr. Arun Pal ANEJA, Department of Engineering, East Carolina University, NC, USA, provided an outstanding explanation of “Squaring the Circular Economy: Textile Redesign”.

A total of 108 research works were presented in the conference, which covered the area including Advanced Fibers and Materials, Innovation in Textile Technologies, Textile Metrology and quality Control, Functional Clothing and Comfort, Apparel Engineering, Advances on Textile Chemical Processing and Textile Structured Reinforced Composites.

After the three days of scientific events in the international community of textiles, the conference was ended with the closing banquet and message from Dr. Jana DRAŠAROVÁ (Dean of Faculty of Textile Engineering), Prof. Jiří MILITKÝ (President of Scientific Committee) and Prof. Ana Maria GRANCARIC (Scientific Committee Member).

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