Bangladesh Textile Today enters 10th year of publication

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With this issue of December 2016, Bangladesh Textile Today has completed 12th issue of its 9th Volume. It means it has successfully completed 9 years in its continuous uninterrupted publication. When this issue will be in your hand, we already enter in our 10th years of publication. It has been a great journey with continuous endless supports from all of our staffs, editors, subscribers, advertisers, advisers, well-wishers, opinion leaders, industry leaders, media peers and people working in different related organizations of public and private sector of Bangladesh. At the end of the day it is all you, the readers, who encourage us to come every month with new spirit and produce another issue of Bangladesh Textile Today. You all are the direct stakeholders of Bangladesh Textile Today and you have all right to praise, criticize, and give suggestions feedbacks etc. All praise goes to Al-mighty Allah (SWT) for everything of Bangladesh Textile Today and all its stakeholders.

In its path to reaching 10 years, we have observed and disseminate different situations and incidents of the Textile and RMG industry that’s how we become a part of the history. It is not only the incidents that make history it is also the people around the incidents. With publication and numerous other activities Bangladesh Textile Today has worked with a large number of people and I want to dedicate the success of Bangladesh Textile Today with all of these people. It is you all who have made it possible.

Most of these people including you, honorable reader, know that the journey was not a bed of roses. It was full of thorns and hurdles. In initial days we even needed to explain to several sections what is a magazine and what the purpose of publishing magazine is. And by publishing issues after issues today we accomplish 80th issue of Bangladesh Textile Today un-interruptedly all approved and registered by the due authority of Government of Bangladesh. In this journey at this point of time, Bangladesh Textile Today can claim that it is the leader in the sector and it look forward to be the same for coming several decades.

As Bangladesh Textile Today was creating a path and was making a business case for knowledge dissemination sector of textile industry, we had to work in different spectrums like creating research habit among the students, teachers and the professionals which interns created writers for us. With a lot of push activities like free magazine sending, organizing competitions, seminars and conferences we also worked to create the readers’ base. Now reaching at 10th years of publications, me as an editor of the magazine can feel a great change in the sector and feel content that we have done something if not everything for this sector. Now we see number of similar other magazines are being published in Bangladesh. We also see that some other Indian magazines are being published here also. Though many of them don’t have proper registration for publication from a due authority in Bangladesh, we see it as a positive transformation in the sector.

Through this journey we not only created and nurtured the market we also built us to this level. We also learned a lot in our path and so we have improved us issue by issue. And we look forward improving further. And so in the year 2017 we will be celebrating our 10th years of publication and will present Bangladesh Textile Today with a new layout and structure.

We the family of Bangladesh Textile Today feels very happy when we could represent the country Bangladesh in many international forums proudly. For many occasions Bangladesh Textile Today was the only participants from Bangladesh in many international textile events like ITMA, ITMA Asia, Shanghaitex, The Textile Institute World Conference and many other events. Our hard work gets success when we see that many of our articles are being cited in several other research and publications.

Number of Bangladesh Textile Today peers, readers, writers, talents of Textile Talent Hunt, editors, reviewers, contributors is doing great jobs in research and in their respective professional fields. In their endeavors, if Bangladesh Textile Today could play a small role by providing a concept, showing a way forward, giving simply information, giving a small motivation, giving a platform, giving a bit of media focus or in whatever way that is what our success is.

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