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Figure 1. From the left Dr. Mohammad Abbas Uddin, Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan, Mr. Muzaffar U. Siddique and Most. Setara Begum with the interns and others.

BUFT, RCB and Omnibrand Ltd. in collaboration

29th January 2017, an internship allowance and certificate giving ceremony held at the conference room of BGMEA University of Fashion & technology (BUFT). The... Read More

Bangladesh Plans to organize international exhibition of jute goods

The Ministry of Textile and Jute has organized   the fair at KIB in Dhaka’s Farmgate area to mark National Jute day on March 6,... Read More

Alliance suspended factories list swelling

Steady progress is continued in compliance process to the member factories of Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, a platform of North American buyers, which... Read More

New frontiers in chemical processing of textiles

Textiles are present everywhere in daily life. With the wide range of innovative textiles being developed and introduced today, there is an increased recognition... Read More
Figure: This is the time to publish sustainability report voluntarily by the textile and garment companies of Bangladesh who particularly have a long term vision.

Sustainability reporting for textile garment corporations

It has been long and eventful year 2016, where textile and garment sector saw an enormous growth and with an expectation to take over... Read More

Bangladesh Textile Today enters 10th year of publication

With this issue of December 2016, Bangladesh Textile Today has completed 12th issue of its 9th Volume. It means it has successfully completed 9... Read More
Impact of new textile act on doing business

New ‘Textile Act’ to bring all sub sectors under one umbrella

Government of Bangladesh recently has published final draft of Textile Act 2015. A thorough look on the draft reveals that the act is to... Read More

Driving business with knowledge

Profit making is the core objective of any business but still does everybody do business only for profit? When you strive for better life... Read More

Impact of anti-globalization elements on global textiles and clothing manufacturing

With many radical developments all around the world, the planet's citizens are witnessing some anti-globalization elements in different regions. 'Brexit' is the biggest of... Read More

Private sector is under pressure of sudden public sector increments

The private sector, main driving force of Bangladesh economy more specifically the export oriented manufacturing sector is under some sudden pressure originated from current... Read More

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