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‘R-Evolution’ in denim trends technologies and processes for AW 2018/19

The 10th Anniversary of Denim Premier Vision, the leading premium denim supply show was held on 26th and 27th April, 2017 in Paris.  The... Read More

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017 to focus on circular fashion system

The fifth edition of the world’s most important event on sustainability in fashion, Copenhagen Fashion Summit, will take place on 11 May, 2017 at... Read More
H&M pledges to become 100% circular and renewable

H&M pledges to become 100% circular and renewable

The H&M group has made a landmark pledge to use 100% recycled or sustainable-source materials in its products by 2030 as a part of... Read More
VTrend/Z NATION coming in Spring/Summer 2018

VTrend/Z NATION coming in Spring/Summer 2018

Brazilian denim specialist VICUNHA TEXTIL draws its inspiration for new trends from the most diverse of sources. References to bygone eras are reinterpreted, with... Read More
Fig: Lari in her Nike Pro Hijab.

Nike introduces “pro hijab”

Muslim women face many barriers when it comes to keeping fit and upholding principle of modesty at the same time but thankfully Nike are... Read More

Importance of ‘effective follow up’ in merchandising

The task that a merchandiser finishes is mostly done by follow up process. Follow up is to monitor, control, and finding problems & work... Read More

Retailer’s objectives in implementing ‘Relationship Marketing’

Maintaining good relationship with the customers will make the retailing process much easier. Marketing practices can be traced back as far as 7000 B.C.... Read More

Denim trends for Spring/Summer 2018 by VICUNHA

Brazil based denim fabric manufacturers recently has shared the trend of Spring/Summer 2018 particularly for the Europe and Asia. Company’s Managing Director Thomas Dislich... Read More

Importance of building customer relationship in retail industry

Marketing scholars agree that exchange is a basic framework for understanding the market. Bagozzi (1975) stated that marketing is the process of creating and... Read More
The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, embodying the M. H. de Young Memorial Museum is the biggest open expressions organization in the city of San Francisco.

‘The Fashion of Islam’ coming to the De Young

De Young Director Max Hollein is providing a sneak peek at what lies ahead for the San Francisco art museum. The New York Times... Read More

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