Innovations in textile, apparel & fashion industry

Figure 1: Detection and elimination of natural and synthetic contamination.

Fiber cleaning systems can keep nonwovens contamination free

Contaminated yarn is one of the spinner’s biggest headaches, potentially leading to customer claims and rejects when synthetic particles such as polypropylene (PP) remain... Read More

Cotton shows promise as a superior oil absorbent

Recent release has summarized that ‘Raw and finer cotton in loose form comes out as best oil absorbent’. A collaborative research involving high school... Read More
Knitted bands having sensors to monitor health. Signals are transferred through RFID antennas.

Knitted bands made of smart threads could be life saving

Smart textile is a combination with textile and technology. Some of the smart textiles can monitor health and can measure movements. Technology that makes... Read More
The launching of the first carbon fiber manufacturing facility in Australia.

Australia starts carbon fiber production

For the first time, Australia will have the capacity to produce carbon fibers at scaled-up level. On 20th February 2017, a wet spinning line... Read More
Picture shows a fiber research center of Aditya Birla Grasim, the company which secures largest market of Bangladesh's viscose need.

Manufacturing of regenerated cellulose fiber (viscose) in Bangladesh using jute as a raw material

Fibers are the basic component of fabrics. The history of fibers is as old as human civilization and the usage of fiber was limited... Read More

Precursor of cellulose nanoparticles- jute become an important and hot spot in the nanomaterial’s...

Jute (the golden fiber of Bangladesh) had played a significant role in the socioeconomic development in some Asian countries. Bangladesh had earned the notable... Read More

Indian maritime company brings biodegradable oil sorbent

There has been a recent incident of oil spill on the shores of Bay of Bengal in India at Ennore port affecting the marine... Read More
Color Atlas by Archroma, a color library created to easily bring color creativity and manageability to an entire new level for stylists and designers, brands and retailers, and their suppliers.

Bold hues rule as people seek empowerment, self-expression, and optimism by leaving subdued colors...

Archroma, one of the global leaders in color and specialty chemicals, who pioneered custom color engineering in textile and fashion, recently sponsored a seminar... Read More

Southeast University shares the benefits of ‘Corporate Membership’ of The Textile Institute with professionals...

Recently Textile Engineering Department of Southeast University (SEU) received the ‘Corporate Membership’ of ‘The Textile Institute’, an International Organization of Textile Engineers & Professionals.... Read More

Some of the key technologies to be showcased in ITME India 2016

The India International Textile Machinery Exhibition Society (India ITME Society) holds every 4 years ITME exhibition, a global platform for exhibitors to showcase their... Read More

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