Innovations in textile, apparel & fashion industry

Figure 1: The life cycle of Pinatex™.

New nonwoven textile material developed from pineapple leaf fiber

Global awareness about a pollution free environment is being built-up and people, in general, are becoming more inclined to the use of natural fiber... Read More

International Textile Ltd adopts Dos & Dye® automation systems

Following to the 1000th machine purchased by Raymond Group, Tecnorama is recently has announce a further success as per them. They mention  International Textile... Read More

Industry requires more female professionals having technical education background

According to The World Bank, almost 49.52 percent of the total population of Bangladesh is women and soon it will be more than 50... Read More
technologies limiting the wastage of water

Textile millers should adopt new technologies limiting the wastage of water

‘Water’ means ‘life’, as life of human being depends on having access to water. This water is being continuously polluted by various industries including... Read More
EU delegation praise Bangladesh RMG Industry’s progress and called on for alignment of Bangladesh Labor Unions Act

EU delegation praise Bangladesh RMG Industry’s progress and called on for alignment of Bangladesh...

The Visiting socialize members of the European Parliament have commended Bangladesh’s readymade garment industry’s progress in ensuring factory safety and called on Bangladesh to... Read More

Graphene made from Soy

Graphene, deemed recently as a wonder material is a type of carbon, which is strongest, thinnest with good electrical conductivity. These properties enable it... Read More

Mechanical attribution in improving pilling properties

Abstract Pilling is undesirable property that affects handle and appearance of fabrics. It happens when washing and wearing of fabrics causes loose fibers to begin... Read More
Figure 1: This is the first look at the £150m Manchester building of the Henry Royce Institute

UK invests heavily in advanced materials research

United Kingdom is investing heavily to boost research and development in advanced materials. As part of initial phase of investment, UK’s government is investing... Read More
Figure 1: Detection and elimination of natural and synthetic contamination.

Fiber cleaning systems can keep nonwovens contamination free

Contaminated yarn is one of the spinner’s biggest headaches, potentially leading to customer claims and rejects when synthetic particles such as polypropylene (PP) remain... Read More

Cotton shows promise as a superior oil absorbent

Recent release has summarized that ‘Raw and finer cotton in loose form comes out as best oil absorbent’. A collaborative research involving high school... Read More

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