Innovations in textile, apparel & fashion industry

Figure 4: Embedded electronics in the fabric

The techniques behind ‘Project Jacquard’ of Google and Levi’s

Have you ever dreamt of a jacket that will let you navigate through the traffic and at the same time make you look attractive?... Read More
Figure 1: Knitting is used not only to produce garments; knit footwear has got tremendous popularity in recent times.

Bangladesh has done a revolution in automatic knitting

“Combining a piece of thread with two needles into a piece of fabric” was an ancient concept of knitting. Today different methods and styles... Read More
Figure 4: An example of shape-memory smart garment.

SMM creates more sensing, adapting and reacting capabilities of Smart Textile

Technical Textile is becoming a robustious field nowadays. Fibre, yarn, fabrics and other structures with functional and technical properties inlaid as a substitute material... Read More
Figure 1: This breathable workout suit prototype has ventilating flaps that open and close in response to an athlete’s body heat and sweat. The left photo was taken before exercise when ventilation flaps are flat; after exercise, the ventilation flaps have curve

MIT researchers develop bio moisture managing suits

Biological cells embedded suits that adapt to changes in moisture have been designed. Researchers at Cambridge, USA-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created breathable... Read More

Lenzing launches new viscose fiber EcoVero™

Austrian cellulosic fiber producing company Lenzing has launched a new brand of eco-friendly viscose fiber called EcoVero™ with the lowest environmental impact in the... Read More

Virginia Tech and Lowe’s have collaborated to develop a lift assisting wearable exosuit

The exosuit has been developed to assist employees to be comfortable and safe while lifting weights in stores. The prototype has been put to... Read More
Figure 2: Garment products and food products are packed for quality testing.

‘Jute poly bag’ discovered by Dr. Mubarak could begin a new era of reviving...

When the world is anxious about ecological impact of polyethene and polypropylene bags right then people are going to get a solution for it... Read More
Figure 1: Some disposable hygiene & incontinence products

Disposable hygiene & adult incontinence products to see major market growth

Nonwovens are unique, innovative, and indispensable, high-tech engineered fabrics made from fibers, and are used across a wide range of applications and products. Modern... Read More
Figure 1: The life cycle of Pinatex™.

New nonwoven textile material developed from pineapple leaf fiber

Global awareness about a pollution free environment is being built-up and people, in general, are becoming more inclined to the use of natural fiber... Read More

International Textile Ltd adopts Dos & Dye® automation systems

Following to the 1000th machine purchased by Raymond Group, Tecnorama is recently has announce a further success as per them. They mention  International Textile... Read More

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