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New research project for cleaning high-visibility clothing

Hohenstein Group’s new research project aims to develop product and application for cleaning high-visibility clothing to maintain its value and functionality over extended periods,... Read More

The champion of TTH 2013 has joined GEMTEX as researcher

Mohammad Neaz Morshed, the champion of Textile Talent Hunt-2013 has joined GEMTEX as Doctoral Research Fellow from 1st September, 2017. Textile Talent Hunt (TTH)... Read More

Southeast University shares the benefits of ‘Corporate Membership’ of The Textile Institute with professionals...

Recently Textile Engineering Department of Southeast University (SEU) received the ‘Corporate Membership’ of ‘The Textile Institute’, an International Organization of Textile Engineers & Professionals.... Read More
Matthew Ridley, author of 'The Rational Optimist'.

Unstoppable technological growth will lead to improvements in lives

Professor Seshadri Ramkumar from Texas Tech University has reported that, Matthew Ridley, a Conservative hereditary peer in the United Kingdom’s House of Lords visited... Read More

Recycled fiberboard and pulp could be sources for electricity

Recycled cardboard fibers and pulp, when developed into triboelectric generators can produce electricity. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are advancing the field of... Read More
Suggested books for preparing for GRE and TOEFL

A path to higher study in USA

Higher study (Master’s and PhD) in a foreign top-ranked university is a dream for many students. Lack of research based higher education, global recognition,... Read More
Bangladeshi designers work in Chinese fashion competition

Bangladeshi designer tops in fashion designing in China

A Bangladeshi design scholar S M Minhus positioned among top 20 in fashion competition on Cultural merge design concept at “2016 Embry Form China... Read More

TTH presents top 5 innovations of 2015

Textile Talent Hunt (TTH), a prime contour in Bangladesh has just been concluded successfully for the 5th time by an impressive occasion of Grand... Read More

‘A research fund’ generation is the key to promote ‘Research mind’ among young professionals

None of the discussants differed on the importance of developing research habit among textile students who are going out of the universities to join... Read More

Sustainable development and industrial ecology; a review

A threatening misconception is evident in our country about environmental and social protection is that; it comes at an expense of economic development and... Read More

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