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Smart Textiles

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Bangladeshi scientists build less expensive & more powerful wearable cloud Jacket

Cloud computing is a buzzword these days in the age of internet of things. It means to use a computer system instead of having... Read More

Fabric harvests energy from sun and motion

Georgia Tech researchers report the development of micro-cable textile that harvests energy from sun and mechanical motion. The team led by Professor Zhong Lin... Read More

Smart clothing will change the way we dress

Textile Today has been covering innovations happening in the field of smart clothing. Microchips installed in yarn and fabric is going change the lifestyle... Read More

Condom maker use SkynFeel material for making long jumpers suits

Skyn Condoms, a New Jersey-based latex-free condom making company has used its SkynFeel material to develop suits for long jump athletes. They have used... Read More

Scientists develop nanocellulose filter to remove viruses from water

Scientists at Uppasala University, Sweden in collaboration with German virologists have developed cellulose nanofiber sheets to remove viruses from water. Nanocellulose filter paper termed as... Read More

Clothing for children with autism developed

April is the national autism awareness month in the United States. Texas Tech University researchers are contributing to the fight against autism. A team... Read More

Cotton fabric with Titanium Dioxide cleans itself exposed to sunlight

The scientists Chinese are reporting the development of a new cotton fabric that cleans itself of stains and bacteria when exposed to sunlight. It... Read More

No more yellow stains

We are all familiar with them - unsightly yellow stains under the arms of light-coloured tops, which cannot be removed even by washing. A... Read More

Effect of antibacterial clothing on skin flora and microclimate

In recent years, antimicrobial textiles have become enormously important, whether in the field of technical textiles for preventing infection,  edical/therapeutic clothing to help in... Read More

No more body odour!

They are marketed using terms such as "anti-odour", "freshness guarantee" or "odour killer": garments which have been treated with odour-binding or bacteria-inhibiting substances. The... Read More

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