Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles

Innovations in technical textiles

Figure 1: You need to know 3D textiles not only for making human organs or aircraft engines but also for fashion industry.

The untapped opportunities of 3D textiles

All our day to day life objects have three dimensions. Materials are formed of length width and depth. Truly the traditional textile arena are also... Read More

Modern value added knit garments using printed yarn- an empirical research for Bangladesh

Abstract: A new era for Bangladesh is yarn printing. As like as the normal printing process it has some similarity like localized dyeing or space... Read More

Retrofit packages for man-made fibres

In the recent years, the textile industry has witnessed a continuous increase in the use of man-made fibres. Clothing companies are embracing synthetic fibres... Read More

Clothing for children with autism developed

April is the national autism awareness month in the United States. Texas Tech University researchers are contributing to the fight against autism. A team... Read More

Recycling technology by VTT : Converting paper & cardboard into biodegradable nonwovens

Around 2.3 million tonnes of various types of nonwovens were manufactured in Europe in 2012. Strong growth in the global market for nonwovens is... Read More

Researchers develop hospital textiles to kill MRSA superbug

A European Research Team co-ordinated by leading Irish Research Institute, MSSI at the University of Limerick have recently (18th March) announced the development of... Read More

An Overview of the techniques of Plasma application in Textile Processing

Abstract: Plasma treatment has an explosive increase in interest and use in industrial applications as for example in medical, biomedical, automobile, electronics, semiconductor and textile... Read More

Effect of antibacterial clothing on skin flora and microclimate

In recent years, antimicrobial textiles have become enormously important, whether in the field of technical textiles for preventing infection,  edical/therapeutic clothing to help in... Read More

No more body odour!

They are marketed using terms such as "anti-odour", "freshness guarantee" or "odour killer": garments which have been treated with odour-binding or bacteria-inhibiting substances. The... Read More

Intelligent textiles help cut heating costs for buildings

With the development of intelligent textile materials which are not only translucent but also able to adapt their thermal permeability to suit the ambient... Read More

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