Innovations in technology & machineries

Advanced antimicrobial additives for flexible polymer applications

SANITIZED AG on 21st September has declared that it has developed advanced antimicrobial additives for flexible polymer applications. The development came at a time... Read More

Savio’s innovation in yarn winding to be showcased in ITMA Asia 2016

One of the market leader in the yarn finishing machine sector Savio, is going exhibit breakthrough innovations in the winding segment in the fifth... Read More

Smart clothing will change the way we dress

Textile Today has been covering innovations happening in the field of smart clothing. Microchips installed in yarn and fabric is going change the lifestyle... Read More

A review of top ten latest technology introduced in textile

Technology gives boost to Japanese apparel industry Japan's apparel industry is turning to state-of-the-art technology in a bold bid to cut labour costs and secure... Read More

Top ten latest technology introduced in textile

New recycled polyester developed by Klopman Klopman has developed a new range of products made with recycled polyester. Europe's leading brand in work wear has... Read More

Top ten latest technology introduced in textile

HeiQ at the forefront of innovation in textile technology HeiQ has developed and improved its branding strategy to provide its brand partners with the... Read More

Updates from world’s textile industry

Textile and clothing sectors plays a core canon in economical development for the country like Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia and so on.... Read More

Ten prominent technologies showcased in DTG 2015

‘Textile and clothing industry is playing the most dominant and expanding role in the Bangladesh economy. Although it is running through a very rough... Read More

Ten noteworthy technologies for this month

Technology is the basis to achieve efficiency and proficiency. While day by day business is becoming more competitive and difficult, companies which are vigil... Read More

Ten spick and span technologies of the month

The modern era are about turning anything to a vogue. Be it lifestyle, music, fashion, or anything else. Technology and innovation are influential to... Read More

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