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Woven fabric sector of Bangladesh- opportunities, challenges and techniques

Bangladesh is the second largest garment exporter in the world. In the year 2016 Bangladesh’s RMG export was 28.668 billion USD.  It is one... Read More
Pakistan's industrial map.

Pakistan textile industry faces slowdown

Textiles is the most important manufacturing sector of Pakistan and has the longest production chain, with natural potential for value addition at each stage... Read More
Figure: An instagram image of Fiji Fashion Week.

Fiji’s garment industry suffers acute shortage of skilled manpower

The Textile, Clothing and Footwear Council of Fiji hopes to see some new players in the garment industry in the year 2017. Presently, there... Read More
Craftsman should be assured of basic needs and a better life at least for their next generation.

Historic ‘Jamdani’ could be the name of a new hope

Traditional heritage are hidden in every corner of Bangladesh where Jamdani proudly hold its place in Bengali history from the Mughal era. It is... Read More

Indian anti-dumping duty affects Bangladesh’s jute export

India's imposition of anti-dumping duty on Bangladesh's jute impacts badly on jute exports to the neighboring country. The duty has been imposed after considering... Read More
Workers are the lifeline to the industry. Their rights and dignity must be protected. (Picture taken from Alliance Annual Report 2016)

An analysis of ‘the roadmap to 50 billion’

Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) set a goal two years ago in Apparel Summit 2014 for increasing annual export of readymade garments... Read More
Siddiqur Rahman, President, BGMEA

Garment sector might not be able to reach $50 billion target by 2021 for...

Siddiqur Rahman, President of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, expressed a great frustration on the BGMEA-BUFT Journalism Fellowship award giving ceremony held in... Read More

World technical textile consumption to reach 42.2 million metric tons by 2020

MarketsandMarkets a premium research report publisher recently released their report on global technical textile consumption titled “Technical Textile Market by Product (Fabric, Unspun Fiber,... Read More

Quality of government services is the key for achieving $50 billion export target

Good amount of time has been passed after BGMEA and Government of Bangladesh agreed on a target of increasing RMG export to USD 50... Read More

Hanjin’s recent bankruptcy leads $14 billion worth goods in limbo could hurt Christmas sale

Korea’s largest and world’s 7th largest shipping line, Hanjin Shipping has been filed for bankruptcy on Aug, 31. Hanjin is operating approximately 60 regular... Read More

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