Sustainability of textile, apparel & fashion industry

Jute sector requires investment for modernization and product diversification

Bangladesh observed the National Jute Day for the first time with a motto ‘Golden fiber, Golden Country, Jute goods of Bangladesh’ on 6 March... Read More

DuPont and Chemours reach settlement of lawsuits for $670.7 million

In a recent release the company has informed that DuPont and plaintiffs’ attorneys in the Ohio multi-district litigation (MDL) have jointly agreed to a... Read More
Alliance mentions that 'Safety in workplace is a fundamental human rights' (Picture taken from Alliance Annual Report 2016)

Alliance discards statement of rights groups, says it continues to improve safety in Bangladesh...

Alliance for Bangladesh Workers Safety, an organization of North American fashion brands and buyers, has rejected the report of the four global workers’ rights... Read More
Distinguished panel members (L-R) Saad Omar, Director Claricehm Ltd- Agent Archroma, Switzerland, Nizam Uddin, Chairman, NRB Global Bank, Prof. Shibli Rubayet-Ul-Islam, Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, James Carnahan, Global Sustainability Manager, Archroma, Switzerland and Tareq Amin, Editor & Publisher, Textile Today.

Banking sector to double green investments in coming years- SBCCI seminar inform

Worldwide development process is continuing to be developed, but sometimes consciously or unconsciously we are killing ourselves as many of those ‘development’ is standing... Read More
Green factories should be as green as its surrounding natural villages.

How green are the ‘green factories’?

Making the factories environmentally friendly or eco-friendly is becoming more and more important worldwide as day by day the planet is turning out to... Read More

Challenges and possible remedies for SDG implementation- private sector’s role in it

Bangladesh has got outstanding achievements in Millennium Development Goal (MDG) attaining 5 out of 8 goals. With these achievements, Bangladesh was acclaimed globally as... Read More

Environmental sustainability

Over the last few decades, the world has been facing increased number of environmental threats manifested by climate change, rising temperature, fresh water shortage,... Read More

H&M Foundation supporting innovations for ‘circular fashion’ through ‘Global Change Award’

On September 1st, the non-profit H&M Foundation opens the second Global Change Award. This is an open competition for encouraging research to shift the... Read More

Industry requires thrust in knowledge sharing and capacity building activities

When the topic of the discussion was ‘Driving business with knowledge’ the distinguished panel members agreed on the necessity of doing further for supplying... Read More
A couple holding each other while collapsed under Rana Plaza.

Despicable truth

We the Bangladeshis have a profound tradition of brotherhood, unity, valiance and ingenuity. In spite of having all these virtues somewhere we are stabbed. We... Read More

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