Sustainability of textile, apparel & fashion industry

‘Jhuta’ processing of Bangladesh’s clothing industry, a unique example of sustainable solid waste management

‘Jhuta’ processing of Bangladesh’s clothing industry, a unique example of sustainable solid waste management

Waste or ‘Jhuta’ of the garment industry seems to be only garbage in the eyes of many, but for those who are involved in... Read More
Figure 1: ZDHC Chemical Gateway is to assist chemical users finding MRSL & RSL compliant chemicals very easily.

‘ZDHC Chemical Gateway’ to ease MRSL & RSL compliance chemical sourcing

What if your customer asks you to use only organic chemicals (pesticides free/GOTS approved) in manufacturing and gives you a list of all the... Read More

Fashion for Good’s and its new Managing Director

Fashion for Good, a global initiative that aims to re-imagine fashion, is an open and inclusive approach brings together brands, retailers, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and... Read More

Sustainability issues bringing significant changes in the approach of textile chemical manufacturing

Sustainability issues already have changed the approach of textile chemical manufacturing industries in last 3-4 years. This is the second article on the issue,... Read More

Green factory (Part 3)

Continued after the second part published in Textile Today May 2017 issue…. Optimize energy performance Strategies those are used to make an optimize energy efficient building... Read More

OHS provisions at Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 (amendment 2013)

Occupational Health and Safety has been discussed a lot in the context of major accident held in Bangladesh RMG industry in 2013. Most of... Read More

Green building (Part 2)

Continued after the first part published in Textile Today April 2017 issue…. What is a Green building? Green building is spirited by sustainable way of constructing... Read More

Sustainability impacts of chemicals used in textiles

Sustainability is the responsible management of resources to meet present needs in textile processing field without compromising the ability of future generations to meet... Read More

FWF and Better Work jointly work in Bangladesh & Vietnam improving working conditions

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and Better Work are going to enter in a partnership to improve working conditions in garment factories which will ultimately... Read More

The 2017 PFM benchmark survey open until 6 June

The 2017 PFM Benchmark survey of Textile Exchange has began on 11 May both for existing and new participants. Textile Exchange invites all brands... Read More

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