Sustainability of textile, apparel & fashion industry

Archroma made its debut at the Première Vision 2017 expo in Paris from 19-21 September with its Color Atlas system. The Color Atlas by Archroma is a system that includes a ‘physical library’ of 4,320 color swatches, in six volumes. A mobile-friendly Color Atlas Online offers features such as “color-on-the-go”, which allows users to capture an image using a smartphone, and identify the closest Color Atlas shades with the possibility to purchase a color sample instantly.

Archroma highlighted Color Atlas library and Sustainability in Paris

Archroma is a well-known supplier of innovations advancing sustainability in the industry - from award-winning Earth Colors dyes and Smart repel, Hydro water repellent... Read More
Figure 2: Training sessions also held regular basis on fire safety.

Fire drill for ensuring fire safety

As a part of ensuring safety and security, Giant Group organizes regular fire drills. The latest of such was held on August 23, 2017... Read More
Figure 1: The letter acknowledged the progress Bangladesh has made but still push for further engagement from international watchdogs.

BGMEA offers new platform ‘Shonman’ to replace Accord & Alliance, pressure from international bodies...

Europe based bodies continued to put pressure on Bangladesh to accept different foreign interventions to improve working condition and labor laws implementation condition. The... Read More
Figure 1: There are many opportunities of waste minimization in textile indsutries.

Waste minimization in textile industry

Abstract There have been ever-increasing efforts to somehow arrange manufacturing processes in such a way that they incur minimal damage to the environment.Waste minimization is the... Read More
Figure 1: Circular Fashion is bringing back tons of used garments in as new fast fashion products reducing solid waste.

C&A promoting circular fashion to add more good to the world

The concept ‘circular fashion’ was first invented and used in 2014 by Dr. Anna Brismar, Head and Owner of Green Strategy and Felix Ockborn,... Read More
Figure 3: The cycle of influencing consumer behavior.

Holistic approach towards sustainable fashion industry (part 1)

Textile and clothing industry is the 2nd largest contributor in industrial pollution. About 17-20% of global water get polluted by using near to 8000... Read More
‘Jhuta’ processing of Bangladesh’s clothing industry, a unique example of sustainable solid waste management

‘Jhuta’ processing of Bangladesh’s clothing industry, a unique example of sustainable solid waste management

Waste or ‘Jhuta’ of the garment industry seems to be only garbage in the eyes of many, but for those who are involved in... Read More
Figure 1: ZDHC Chemical Gateway is to assist chemical users finding MRSL & RSL compliant chemicals very easily.

‘ZDHC Chemical Gateway’ to ease MRSL & RSL compliance chemical sourcing

What if your customer asks you to use only organic chemicals (pesticides free/GOTS approved) in manufacturing and gives you a list of all the... Read More

Fashion for Good’s and its new Managing Director

Fashion for Good, a global initiative that aims to re-imagine fashion, is an open and inclusive approach brings together brands, retailers, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and... Read More

Sustainability issues bringing significant changes in the approach of textile chemical manufacturing

Sustainability issues already have changed the approach of textile chemical manufacturing industries in last 3-4 years. This is the second article on the issue,... Read More

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