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Raw Materials

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Figure 1: An African delegate in a Bangladeshi spinning mill.

Africa looks forward exporting more cotton to Bangladesh spinning mills

Africa is the world’s second largest cotton exporter following USA. Total African cotton export stands at around 5.5 million bales in 2016, which is... Read More

Bangladesh to meet ten percent of cotton needs from domestic growers by 2025

Cotton is one of the important cash crops in Bangladesh. It is the main raw materials of textile industry, but Bangladesh grows only one... Read More

Steady rise in Indian cotton prices

Indian cotton prices are seeing unusual rise during the current peak arrival season. While, cotton production all over the world is on the rise,... Read More
Pile of cotton fiber in a Bangladeshi spinning mill. Recently India could capture much of Bangladesh's cotton and cotton goods import.

Bangladesh is the number 1 importer of Indian cotton and cotton products

Cotton consumption in Ready Made Garment (RMG) industry continues to rise on the strong performance of the sector. Bangladesh is depended on cotton import,... Read More
Marci Rossell, Former Chief Economist, CNBC and leading financial expert

China to be key player in cotton market in the current situation after the...

It is no surprise that China’s economy has been slowing in the recent past. In addition to this factor, all eyes will be on... Read More

Indian cotton crop on the rise amidst acreage reduction

India expected to produce 35.1 million bales (170 Kgs) this season beginning in October. On 24th October, India’s official body, Cotton Advisory Board met... Read More

Global Cotton Demand is on the Rise

(Lubbock, USA, October 19, 2016)-Cotton consumption this year will highest in six years. Total global consumption will be about 112 million bales (480 lbs.... Read More

Cotton price is not likely to keep increasing further

For last several months cotton price have been increasing remarkably. At the end of the summer it is a common trend that cotton price... Read More

India to sell its cotton stock to offset price in reduced estimated production

Amid the growing concern of the Indian spinning industry over abnormal rise in cotton price in domestic markets due to speculation after India's Cotton... Read More

Indian association wants free trade for cotton

Mumbai based Cotton Association of India wants free trade in cotton. The Cotton Association of India with over 400 members representing all walks of... Read More

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