Fabric, Weaving & Knitting

Fabric, Weaving & Knitting

Technical articles on fabric, weaving & knitting

Fabric harvests energy from sun and motion

Georgia Tech researchers report the development of micro-cable textile that harvests energy from sun and mechanical motion. The team led by Professor Zhong Lin... Read More
ISKOteca, the product library of 25000 denim concept

Denim manufacturer ISKO™ becomes National Champion for Turkey in the European Business Awards

ISKO™, globally leading denim manufacturing brand of Turkey based SANKO TEKSTIL has been named as National Champion for Turkey in the European Business Awards. European... Read More

SSM to launch 8 new machines for winding and doubling at ITMA Asia 2016

The Swiss based SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG has declared that the company is going to launch eight new products in the Winding &... Read More

Jakob Müller acquires Benninger AG

On 15 August another big news of acquisition in textile companies has come up. JMBT Beteiligungen AG, a 100 percent subsidiary of Jakob Müller... Read More

A review on Thermo Regulated Fabric using Phase Change Material

Abstract Phase Change Materials (PCM) change their phase to absorb or release heat and consequently create a temporary cool or warm effect. Latent heat is... Read More

Introduction to intermingling technology

Abstract: Intermingling is a technology which is very economical than the older technologies like sizing, twisting in synthetic yarn weaving. In this technology air causes... Read More

Methods of measuring bending properties

Abstract The performance of any textile structure under most service conditions depends to a great extent on its bending behavior. The dependence of the drapability... Read More

Formulating equation to calculate ‘fibre percentages’ in weft knitted fabric

Abstract: Yarn Count, yarn composition and structure of repeat are responsible to change fibre percentage in a fabric. There are standard process of ASTM*5&... Read More

Waterproof breathable fabrics: Technologies and practices

This article is being published in two parts, this is the first part. Abstract Textile and Apparel are sun-riser industries in India. It is also one... Read More

Characterization and fixation of Ocimum sanctum extract on wool fabric

Abstract Extract of ocimum sanctum leaves were obtained and characterized in terms of chemical structure (chromopheric group) and spectral behaviors. Further, a novel technique of... Read More

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