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Models on ramp of NYFW wearing hijab collection spring summer 2017

First ever hijab collection in NYFW

Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan has made the history being the first designer to present New York Fashion Week (NYFW) collection with Hijabs. The 30... Read More

The role of business communication in the merchandising

Business communication is the sharing of information between people within and outside the organization that is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization.... Read More

Conceptualizing a clothing brand

Abstract: The report describes about applying management techniques to a new clothing brand in international market. This research work has been done for the ‘Integrated... Read More

7 notes on pre-production meeting

Pre-production (PP) Meeting is a very common word in garment industry but a few people can realize its importance. Sometimes people do it only... Read More

10 important things for a merchandiser for lab dip approval

Developing Lab dip is one of the primary jobs for a merchandiser to start an order execution. They need to run for lab dip... Read More

Laser fading technology: facts and opportunities

Introduction: Lasers are being used in the textile field for many years. The popular uses of lasers are Laser Marking (Only the surface of the... Read More

14 secretes of a smart merchandiser

Do you know what the working hour is for a merchandiser in Bangladesh? Believe or not merchandisers in Bangladesh are working more than 13-14... Read More

Reusing old cloth in fashion business and its potentiality in Bangladesh

The project has won 4th position in Textile Talent Hunt 2013 Abstract: According to new report from the Council for Textile Recycling (CTR) the average... Read More

Build your career in the garments industry

The garments industry is one of the fastest growing industry in Bangladesh. The industry plays a vital role in the country's economy and that... Read More

Post shipment analysis – a strategic tool for fashion export house

A fashion apparel export house generally works for the buyers/brands based in other part of the world and produces garments and other fashion products... Read More

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