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Technology to follow in Techtextil 2017- innovative weaving of Stäubli

Stäubli has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-speed textile machinery since more than a century. Stäubli is going to feature its... Read More
Vomatex stall in previous Texprocess exhibition

Technology to follow in Texprocess 2017- Vomatex heat resistant foams, felts and textiles

German products enjoy a very high reputation at the international clothing industry. Germany based high quality ironing covers technology provider VOMATEX is going to... Read More
Technology to follow in Techtextil 2017- Allma TechnoCorder TC2

Technology to follow in Techtextil 2017- Allma TechnoCorder TC2

Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens and will again attract many expert visitors to Frankfurt from 9 to... Read More
Figure : Karl-Heinz Sandholzer, head of marketing, Saurer, Germany discussed with media during 2016 exhibition.

Tire Technology Expo 2017 to show case innovative cabling technology

The Tire Technology Expo 2017 is the international exhibition and conference for tire construction and tire production. The event from 14 to 16 February... Read More

An overview of crepe bandages

Abstract Medical textiles is one of the major growing areas in the field of technical textiles and the use of textile materials for medical and... Read More

Nonwoven for filtration

Abstract: Nonwovens are rapidly advancing to help filter media manufacturers offer improved efficiencies; better pressure drops and overall better performance. Manufacturers have more choices than... Read More

Wool in technical textiles

Abstract Wool was being used in clothing as early as the stone age, probably the first animal fiber to be spin and made into cloth.... Read More

Optical fibre for smart communication

Prologue: In modern-day, optical communications is the most requested and preferred telecommunication technology, due to its large bandwidth and low propagation attenuation, when compared with... Read More

High performance synthetic composites; manufacturing, recent developments and applications

Abstract: “Nothing Is Permanent Except Change” a prominent fact & textiles are no exception. New science can fabricate products at the forefront of our present... Read More

Top notch needles and threads for technical textiles

In the market today section of previous issue of BTT, we have discussed the expansion of technical textile market globally and what will be... Read More

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