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Figure 1: RSB-D 50 draw frame – highest productivity with 1 200 m/min delivery speed.

RSB-D 50 draw frame – a new dimension in productivity, quality and operation

In the fall of 2016, Rieter introduced the new RSB-D 50 single-head draw frame for the first time to a global audience at the exhibitions... Read More

The 60th anniversary of USTER® STATISTICS highlights remarkable increases in quality expectations worldwide

A recent release from Switzerland based company Uster has declared 60th anniversary of USTER® STATISTICS on 6th July, 2017. Company informs that It all... Read More

Bangladesh spinning sector focuses to higher capacity utilization and diversification of yarn

Bangladesh is the second largest readymade garment (RMG) exporter country   in the world.  The primary textile sector (PTS) is producing yarn and fabric needed... Read More
Figure 1: Many of the times workers working inside the textile mills are directly exposed to cotton dust and fly having short to long terms health hazards.

Cotton dust and fly affecting workers health at spinning and processing mills

In spinning and fabric processing industries dust and fly generated from cotton is a major health hazard for the people working inside. Cotton dust... Read More
Figure: Two pictures show the Schlafhorst Autoconer 1 and Autoconer 6 evolution, indicates a great success and contribution to the global textile industry.

Schlafhorst’s 2.5 millionth Autoconer winding unit was put into operation

The 2.5-millionth Autoconer winding unit was put into operation in this running year. This record is a milestone in Schlafhorst's successful company history and... Read More
Figure 1: Uster provides technology to control the quality of core elastane yarns.

USTER® reaching milestone of producing one million sets of yarn clearer in this autumn

Switzerland based renowned company working in quality systems of yarns Uster recently has informed that in this autumn, the company is going to produce... Read More
Technology to follow in Techtextil 2017- Allma TechnoCorder TC2

Technology to follow in Techtextil 2017- Allma TechnoCorder TC2

Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens and will again attract many expert visitors to Frankfurt from 9 to... Read More

Graphene made from Soy

Graphene, deemed recently as a wonder material is a type of carbon, which is strongest, thinnest with good electrical conductivity. These properties enable it... Read More

Rieter combing – technologically at the forefront

The new combing set achieves the greatest productivity worldwide. The technology advantage of Rieter combing is based on the optimal interaction between machine and... Read More
Figure 1: Workshop participants, Fong's & Fadis representatives, Sales engineers from Passific Associates at Silver Line Composite Mills Ltd.

Showcase of optimum application of latest yarn dyeing technologies

Fong’s & Fadis jointly organized a workshop titled “Sustainable yarn dyeing solution” at Silver Composite Textile Mills Ltd. on 19th November, 2016. The event... Read More

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