Legging is in top of fashion trend

Mohammad Nurul Alam       
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Leggings have been fighting for many years to be the top of the fashion trend. However, it is not so easy to hold the top position as only this can stand on top that can present new trends to the fashion world. The recent trend of body hugging is getting popular, which creates an opportunity for Leggings to attract the young as well as the mature one.

Leggings are a fitted, body hugging under wear made from cotton-lycra, or cotton-polyester-lycra combination. It can also be made from spandex, nylon, polyester, silk, wool and jute. Typically, it is not only wear for fashion, but also wear for exercise.

In the 1960s, this body-hugging, form-fitting pant entered the retail market. Designer Mary Quant and Emilio Pucciwere has a great contribution on leggings when working for under shift dresses. Later on 1970’s the film Grease made it great craze when actress ‘good-girl’ Sandy went ‘bad’ in her disco bottoms. The 80’s fitness craze made leggings acceptable for both workout and everyday wear when Madonna also participated in the leggings trend. Decades later in the 2000s, shiny spandex pants made insanely popular. However, suddenly leggings lost its appeal when tight-fitting garment was seen less and loose fit dress got popular for a little while. In 2010, leggings continued to expand in fashionable forms when Lady Gaga wore her shredded leggings every chance she could.

There are various types of leggings such as:

Work out leggings: This is designed to be comfortable during work out session where 90% nylon, 10% lycra blended fabric are traditionally used. Sometimes knee patch is put on it to give extra support if wearer gets hit on the floor.

Functional leggings: These give support to the wearer if any part of body get injured or necessary to protect from the surrounding objects like seam costume. These types of leggings are made for man for comfortable workout.

Yoga Leggings: Unlike workout leggings, this is not made aiming to multiple functions. Special care is given to make it more flexible to move body part.

Every day wear leggings: Girls usually wear black leggings for everyday use, made of 90% cotton, 10% lycra in single jersey. These are very simple in design and stitch.

Party leggings: It is more shiny and more fashionable & good to look at.

Figure: Showing different types of leggings.
Figure: Showing different types of leggings.

Leggings are popular for many reasons that make love for this clothing:

Comfortable & easy to wear: The wearer can easily pull and down it without extra hassle and in hot weather, this is very comfortable and gives freedom to move body part.

Cheap: Leggings cost is less than $ 10 where a pant cost is more than $50.

Easy to carry while traveling: Travelling is always boring while need to carry a big luggage. Generally, girls have to carry extra item than that of boys and so only leggings or short can help to reduce weight .

Easy to wash: It can be washed by simple detergent and required no iron after dry. It does not take long time be dry also.

Attractive: The new trends that crazily burning the girl’s fashion mind is to be more open. Hence, affection for leggings is not getting off rather increasing.

However, leggings have popularity but it should not wear in every place like in super conservative workplace, it is also forbidden for the airlines passengers. Besides, as it is body tight dress so it should not wear in summer or hot season.

How long Leggings will remain in the top of fashion mind and what new form will come for it that is not predictable. However, undoubtedly this is not going to out of sight in the retail market for coming years. New brands of leggings are coming every day in the market for sale and the wearer also happy to see new design and color.

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