Resil is looking to expand into new international markets riding on R&D theme ‘Tenets of Innovation’

M S Vijayan,   Joint Managing Director,   Resil Chemicals Private Limited    
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M-S-VIJAYANM S Vijayan set up Resil Chemicals in 1993 with his elder brother M S Mohan. Vijayan is a first generation entrepreneur and has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. In the past he has worked with polymers and specialty chemicals industries. He has laid the foundation of one of Asia’s largest processors of silicones for textiles and manufacturers of both polymers and formulations.  He played a key role in conceptualizing the Application Research Centre in early 2000, to provide wholesome support to customers in the application and development of unique finishes and solutions. Recently Textile Today has discussed with him about the vision and mission of the company Resil. The discussion also covered aspects of global textile specialty chemicals business. Here is the brief of the interview discussion.

Textile Today: Please apprise us of Resil Chemicals? How has the company grown since it established its first manufacturing unit in Bangalore?

M S Vijayan: Resil Chemicals is an innovation-driven and diversified specialty chemicals and high-performance materials manufacturer for industries ranging from textiles to pharmaceuticals and agriculture. Our success has been that, using various technologies, we have been able to make customized products for individual customers and niche applications.

From a small manufacturing unit in 1994 with just 5 employees, today Resil is a 300+ member organization with 4 internationally certified manufacturing facilities with over 20,000 metric tons of specialty chemical production per year. Resil now exports to more than 10 countries and has diversified into emerging technology based products such as hand sanitizers, disinfectants and car care products.

Resil was a pioneer for silicones in textiles; we were the first to not only supply the full range of textile finishing and auxiliary chemicals, but also manufacture customized silicones for textiles. Today, we are also one of Asia’s largest formulators of customized silicones. Thus, Resil has developed significant in-house polymer formulation technology, giving us in depth understanding of the dynamics of chemical-to-substrate interaction, and a thorough comprehension of the requirements of its customers.

Textile Today: Will you please comment on Resil Chemicals’ “smart partnerships with various silicone industries and research institutes in the area of silicones”? How has research and development evolved within the company?

M S Vijayan: In the specialty chemical industry, collaboration is key. Ours has always been a collaborative approach- We work with top international silicone manufacturers and chemical majors to ensure that we can make differentiated products. We also collaborate with leading research institutes like IIT Delhi to develop new technologies to solve consumer problems and pain points.

Our award-winning R&D team has over 33 members and operates out of state of the art laboratories which are recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India. Our R&D team is driven by our “Tenets of Innovation” which simply put, places emphasis on Customer, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Community. This ethos is imbibed by all our team members.

Textile Today: Congratulations to you as Resil Chemicals won prestigious National Award – 2016 by Technology Development Board for the commercialisation of an indigenous technology, N9 Pure Silver. Will you please throw some light on this technology and its applications?

M S Vijayan: N9 Pure SilverTM, along with its variants N9 Plastix and N9 Claro CT, is a family of silver-based  antibacterial and hygiene solutions. It is a revolutionary Silver-based technology that, on contact, neutralizes odour-causing bacteria, keeping the treated product fresher for longer.

For textiles it is a finish applied on fabrics or garments. This breakthrough technology delivers outstanding odour control performance, combined with impeccable environmental credentials and safety profile.

Plastics: N9 Plastix is used for plastics such as LDPE, PP, HDPE, PES and PVC. They can be incorporated either directly or during the master batch stage for applications ranging from food packaging to water tanks. Plastics are prone to the development of bacteria and algae which causes odour, degradation, discolouration, and staining. This leads to cross-contamination. With the advantage of Silver, N9 Plastix additive provides malodour-control and long-lasting freshness, making it a must-have for all plastic articles.

Personal Care: N9 Claro CT is a colourless product that can be added to a variety of personal care and cosmetic formulations for skin care, hair care, body care and home care applications. N9 Claro CT is a silver ion-based antimicrobial technology that can be incorporated into cosmetics and personal care products as a preservative. It is a highly effective product of natural origin, making it completely safe. It is recommended for use in deodorants, anti-perspirants, hand creams, anti-acne face washes, hand washes, foot creams, body lotions, body washes, and shampoos as a safe alternative to carcinogenic preservatives like Triclosan.

The potential presented by N9 Pure Silver™ is immense. From articles of daily use, such as clothing, and bed linen, to food packaging and hair care – the opportunities are vast, making it an ideal solution for several industries.

Textile Today: What are your plans for future?

M S Vijayan: To cover increasing demand, Resil has just opened its fourth and largest state of the art unit at Malur, Karnataka. We are looking to expand into new international markets; we have a full-fledged sales operation in Bangladesh and have made inroads into Sri Lanka, Turkey, Philippines and Thailand. We are a strong believer in the India story and India will remain our primary focus for the next few years.

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