Study in China- not just a decision rather a cultural proliferation

Mohammad Neaz Morshed, Hridam Deb,     Wuhan Textile University, China    
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It often happens that the very best of our capabilities and inner strengths are tested and brought to light when we willingly take on challenges. Whenever a problem arises towards achieving a goal, we have two clear choices-either to back out of goal-plans or to be in charge of our destiny. Studying abroad is not only academically and culturally gratifying, but also fosters personal embellishment. We believe studying abroad is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

China is a fast growing economic and technological powerhouse in the world with an early civilized region of rich history and culture. As a graduate of textile contextual, we choose China with a clear and precise analysis based on the desire where we wish to find us in next few years.

Alongside with to decide to study in China most of the international students remains blur from the lifestyle in China which they thought completely different from their own country. Today’s life in China is not so much different from anywhere else in the world. If students are studying in major cities like Shanghai, Beijing or Wuhan, the lifestyle of local people has been strongly influenced by western culture. One can easily find western fast food restaurants, supermarkets and departmental stores. However, the fame of Chinese cuisine need not to introduce for it’s quite appetizing and students will be excited to taste plenty of the deliciousness with great fare. Other cuisines like European, Japanese, and Korean are also easily available.

As an international student of China my journey from Dhaka to Wuhan was more than excitement and fascination. Whether there is no direct flight from Dhaka to Wuhan, with a short transferal in Kunming. In the very first day we had divested experience rather than as usual airlift; the flight to land in Kunming airport landed in another airport in Guiyang city because of typhoon at Kunming. We all the passengers stayed in a hotel for one night in Guiyang and on the way to hotel that night we had my first look in china. Hundreds of residential skyscrapers are littering the horizon with their identical entity. In other day we return to Kunming and then arrived at our destination.

In the first few days, we discovered our wrong perception regarding foods and culture of China. There are hundreds of variety of delicious dishes of vegetables, meats and noodles from which one can easily understand the secret of good and strong heath of Chinese peoples. The international student are very diverse in China, my classmates come from many different cultures. This means that when it comes to sharing views or having discussions about hot topics, we’ll get to hear a wide range of perspectives. It definitely opens our mind. Moreover, quite a few number of student activity group and cultural exchange program has been arranged by Chinese students foster our cultural and customary exchange. Diversified tradition festivals of China like, dragon boat festival, Chinese New Year festival, moon cake festival and so on will blow anyone’s mind.

Figure: I (Mohammad Neaz Morshed ) took the selfie with our Bangladeshi colleagues in our university having lunch.

Though we were really excited about being in China, we were nervous about how the natives would perceive us. The first time we with our friends went to a shop to buy the necessary commodities while we appeared the most inviting and hospitality of Chinese peoples. We were treated like kings! And at one point the sales representative asked for a picture with us and they were really understanding about our limitations in the Chinese language. They were translating their means in English and stayed incredibly patient while dealing with us.
World class laboratory equipment with excellent academic research environment besides attractive and inclusive campus atmosphere of Chinese universities carries lots to offer and opportunities for international students. With hundreds of scholarship for foreign students China is a truly a unique country for students.

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