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4th Season of
Country's first ever Competition for Textile, Garment & Fashion Design Students

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4th Season of Textile Talent Hunt (TTH 2013) kicks off!

4th Season of country’s first ever competition for textile, garments & fashion designing students, Textile Talent Hunt (TTH 2013) has been launched in a gala ceremony at BTMA auditorium on 25th September, Wednesday afternoon. In the same ceremony an expert from Gherzi, Switzerland presented a seminar on ‘Step up in Profession’. Chief Guest Prof. Dr. N.C. Sutradhar launched the events at the presence of around hundreds of teachers, students, professionals and journalists. Prof. N.C. Sutradhar is the Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTex). Prof. Sutradhar proclaimed that most of the textile engineering students are talented, but programs like Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) helps them excel further with necessary practical industry level purpose oriented research approach.

Right time to step up in profession

IMG_4324.JPG Distinguished guests, organizers & partners are on the stage of TTH 2013 opening ceremony

Key note speaker of the seminar Mr. Razvan shared some ideas how universities can help its students making them further prepared for their profession. He mentioned that the year of stepping out from the University is not the year of stepping up to the profession rather stepping up in profession starts right from the first day of the university enrolment. He emphasized that the more involvement of the universities with the industries will be possible, the better will be preparation of the students before they enter in their professional career. Mr. Razvan added that, students should not only approach learning what is happening today in the industry rather they should be able to forecast and realize what will be the industry after 10 years from now. All other speakers in the event appreciated the ideas of the keynote speaker and have mentioned that Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) is the event that helps the students in all those aspects. Prof. Dr. Ayub Nabi Khan, Pro-Vice Chancellor of BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology mentioned that  TTH successfully has been associating the students with the industry, introducing them with research methodology, showing them practically the way of doing research, making them outspoken and making them smarter to face the challenges of their professional life before they join in the industry. Prof. Khan was speaking as the special guest of the event.

Emphasize should be given on soft skill

TTH 2013 has been partnered up with Spain based multinational company producing speciality chemicals for the textile industry called Asutex. Asutex is the title sponsor of this year’s event. Dysinchem is the diamond sponsor of the event. Microgenix is the prize money sponsor and Sameet dyechem is the sponsor while National Institute of Textile Engineering & Research (NITER) is the Research Partner of the program. Moinuddin Chowdhury, Advisor of Microgenix took up the soft skill issue. He observed that today’s engineers are well compatible in their hard skills they rather lag behind in soft skills. Once they are introduced with those techniques they can excel further in their professional life. Mr. Chowdhury is a soft skill mentor for the professionals. Adding to his comments Mr. Monowar Hossain Polash, Country Manager of Asutex-Spain, mentioned that younger textile engineers are much different with their better soft skills. He appreciated programs like TTH those have been playing important role in improving communication, presentation and personal branding skills of its participants. Mr. Polash was attached with TTH from its 1st season and he is conducting seminars for TTH participants on soft skill development. It is worthwhile to mention that he could make a great obsession of Personal Branding among the participants of last three seasons of Textile Talent Hunt. TTH was also hailed by Special Guest of the event Engr. M.S. Zaman, President, The Institution of Textile Engineers & Technologist, Bangladesh (ITET). Mr. Zaman mentioned that these are some sort of opportunities those we didn’t get while we were student. ‘We textile engineers have to learn a lot of things in our academic life and initiatives like TTH will help the students to choose which discipline they like most and this will lead them to early specialization means better career for them.’ added Engr. Zaman.

Research to solve practical issues:

Along with other approaches like assessing techno-trade knowledge (by written test), improving soft skills (by grooming sessions & presentations), the basic focus of TTH is to introduce the undergrad engineering students with the right approach of conducting research. While addressing the audience Dr. Md. Humaun Kabir, Principal, NITER mentioned about that and encouraged more participants this year. He promised that his institution (NITER) will assist the participants in conducting those purpose oriented research by extending their laboratory and other facilities for the participants. The event was chaired by Md. Monirul Islam, Dean, Faculty of Textile Management & Business Studies of Bangladesh University of Textile (BUTex). Mr. Islam is also the Chairman of TTH organizing committee. He thanked all students and teachers of different universities for their support extended to TTH for last three seasons and he also urged the same for the 4th consecutive seasons. He enlarged the importance of purpose oriented research and mentioned that research should not only be done for doing publication, getting scholarships & getting promotions in professional life, rather research should be conducted to solve practical problems and to make real life impacts. Another distinguished guest John T. Smith, Long Term Advisor, BWTG-BEST Program, UNIDO extended his congratulations to the organizers and partners of TTH mentioning this particular program have potential impact on the future of the students. They are going through tough competitions and grooming sessions to win the titles. With enthusiasm he declared that as always UNIDO will extend all possible helps towards the talents of TTH. He declared that few of the best talents of this season will be allowed to spend time with some UNIDO experts while they will be working in the industries. Such initiative will help them having some international level practical exposure of doing things in the industry.

Immediately after the launching, organizer Amin & Jahan Corporation Ltd.(A&J) will start promotional campaigns in at least 19 universities and colleges where textile, garments & fashion designing undergrad level courses has been offered. There will be different seminars and promotional programs in these campuses to encourage students to participate in the most prestigious internationally recognized competition event.

About Textile Talent Hunt

Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) is an example how a narrow river can change the life style in the dessert and how a ray of light can make a difference in sheer darkness. It is basically an initiative of A&J (Integrated Research, Development & promotion service providing company Amin & Jahan Corporation Ltd.) and is being organized in association with United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO), Bangladesh University of Textile (BUTEX), Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) & The Textile Institute (TI). TTH has changed the thinking, targets and learning process of the textile-garment & fashion designing degree level graduate students. The competition jolts a huge community of students and is changing their approach towards their future life. They have started to love the techno trade changes and developments as they were introduced with those in a very interesting systematic way. Textile professionals of tomorrow are going to rock the industry with this changed approach. Number of students has got the right method of research and is undergoing research or dealing their study activities with a very new approach.

Similar to the previous three seasons, 50 best students will be selected through a comprehensive written test from participants all around the country and they will receive intensive training and grooming sessions to do research projects. Best 50 students will work in different industries and institutes for around two months under selected supervisors to produce article, design or software. Works of those students will be judged by renowned Judges’ Panel members to select best 5. Best 5, will present their works in the ‘Grand Finale’.

The judges’ panel justify the papers and select best 20 paper for oral test. After assessment of the thesis/project paper finally best five are selected. The top five has to present their papers in the Grand Finale in front of local & foreign delegates. After that finally the judges’ panel declare Champion, 1st runners up & 2nd runners up. Champion, 1st runners up & 2nd runners up are awarded BDT 50,0000/-, BDT 30,000/- & BDT 20,000/- respectively along with crest, certificates, different gifts, training packages etc.  

Earlier the organizer successfully completed 1st, 2nd & 3rd season of Textile Talent Hunt in 2009, 2010 & 2012 and now those talents are working in the sector with great reputation. From previous three seasons more than 100 research papers have been received and 15 of them have been published in renowned international magazine ‘Bangladesh Textile Today’. Some of them are still under development process.

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