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10th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo sets out to be a hit both nationally and worldwide

Bangladesh Denim Expo, a two-day international exhibition on denim products, will take place at the International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in Dhaka on May 2-3, said a press release.

Bangladesh Denim Expo 2019
Figure 1: 10th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo expecting to create an international buzz.

Now at its 10th edition, Bangladesh Denim Expo is faster approaching, sets out to be a hit both nationally and worldwide, along with another groundbreaking round of the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit.

Bound to further the role Bangladesh plays in world apparel and with ‘Circularity’ as its main theme, the show will also be the backdrop of the Bangladesh Fashionology summit, which will be dedicated to the role of technology and innovation in fashion.

The Denim Expo was created by the visionary mind of Md. Mostafiz Uddin and in the course of a dazzling decade has gained momentum, consistently exceeding all expectations.

Over the last five years, major awareness was raised around the Bangladesh Denim Expo whilst top players witnessed the evolution of Bangladesh’s role in the fashion market, becoming the second largest garment manufacturing hub globally.

Fashionology Summit 2019, Mostafiz Uddin
Figure 2: The Denim Expo was created by the visionary mind of Md. Mostafiz Uddin.

Bangladesh saw the growth of export both to Europe and the US, bound to reach even higher numbers as the go-to-market for denim sourcing mainly due to improved technology in fabrics manufacturing and higher safety standards.

‘Circularity’ as the main theme

According to the release, this time around, the show will be hosting 63 exhibitors, representing the very best from the local and international denim community. Taking center stage as running theme will be ‘Circularity’ – a concept on which both the future of the planet and textile industry depends.

In fact, the garment industry is one of the leading contributors to the rapid deterioration of our environment, thus calling for a circular business model that can only be achieved by instigating change in the whole process of the supply chain, from design to production to communication.

“As the world goes digital and the industry becomes circular, our apparel industry cannot afford to stay behind” claimed Md. Mostafiz Uddin, CEO and Founder of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE).

“This is why, both the Summit and the Expo are an important chance for our country to set an example for the rest of the world on how sustainable and technological development goals and business profit motives can work hand in hand to create a better future for all economic sectors and people,” said the release quoting Mostafiz.

In the release, the Bangladesh Denim Expo exposed their firm belief “for a better future, the denim industry must adapt and instill the key principles of circularity throughout the product life cycle”.

Fashionology Summit 2019 fashion show
Figure 3: Bangladesh Fashionology Summit will also begin from 2 May.

The industry adapts and installs for below reasons, according to the release:

  • Design of product for longevity, considering resource efficiency, biodegradability and recyclability.
  • Produce efficiently, ethically and with regard for the environment.
  • Wherever possible reuse, recycle, repurpose any waste product.

As it tackles an ongoing and critical issue, the Bangladesh Denim Expo promises to be another successful hit, providing answers and solutions with a renewed offer featuring a series of seminar and workshop sessions in a 2-day packed agenda, that will also feature the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit.

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