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185 factories receive Silkflex award

South Asia’s biggest ‘Textile Printing Technical Seminar’ shows the potentiality of Bangladesh textile printing sector

Silkflex Bangladesh Ltd awarded 185 renowned textile factories for their contribution to the printing sector at ‘11th Silkflex Grand Textile Printing Technical Seminar 2019’ held on 25 January at Officers’ Club in Dhaka. More than 3000 people participated from different factories in South Asia’s biggest textile screen print seminar.

Silkflex Textile Printing 2019
Figure 1: 185 factories received Silkflex award.

Textile printing sector has become an important game changer in the textile manufacturing process and fashion. Technologies and developed printing materials are serving a lot the designers to go for diversified and customized imperative options. Digital printing, in precise, helps to transform the fashion trend very fast.

Md. Kabir Mollah, Managing Director, Silkflex Bangladesh Ltd pointed out in the seminar, “This time we invite around 300 factories to give their design in this print contest and we get a response from 185 factories which really shows a great upsurge rather than the preceding year where we get responses from 125 factories.”

Nessar U Sikder, Advisor, Silkflex Bangladesh Ltd. said, “In my 30 years’ experience I found printing is not that much easy or simple as other people say, because it is integrated with so many things starting from idea to end product. This actually a sophisticated value-adding process to garments.”

“Printing is a creation, fashion, and art,” said Engr. Md. Shafiqur Rahman, President, The Institution of Textile Engineers & Technologist (ITET) and Managing Director of HAMS Group.

He also said, “I am really grateful to our new government to make Tipu Munshi as Minister of Commerce who is developing our printing association as well as printing sector and showing us the vision for success.”

He requested Dr. Eric HL Tan for giving special consideration on the pricing of Silkflex products “as the production and consumption of the printing sector are growing faster and bigger day by day.”

Engr. Ahmed Javed Jamal, Head of Technical Operations & Marketing of Silkflex Bangladesh Ltd. also delivered his speech at the seminar.

Silkflex seminar 2019
Figure 2: Distinguished guests and printing professionals were present at the Silkflex seminar.

K.M Nazrul Islam, President, Screen Print Welfare Association (SPWA) said, “Printing is now a particular industrial organization and Screen Print Welfare Association wants to open a printing academy where we will have our own academic building, website, and apps and where people will get the know-how and skill of printing and this whole thing will be examined and certified by Bangladesh Technical Education Board with a warm collaboration with us.”

Prize giving ceremony of ‘Silkflex Print Contest-2019’ was the focal appeal of the program.

Square Fashions Ltd. become the champion of ‘Silkflex Print Contest-2019’. Three factories received a second prize and that include Comfit Composite Knit Ltd., Masco Printing & Embroidery Ltd. and Masco Picasso Ltd., Adury Fashion & Print Ltd. (Thermax Group). Three factories accomplished the third spot and they are Bengal Hurricane Dyeing & Printing (Pvt.) Ltd., Gothic Design Ltd. (Viyellatex group), Thanbee Print World Ltd. (DBL group).

Silkflex award 2019
Figure 3: Silkflex rewarded some printing factories for their printing design used by Silkflex chemical.

15 factories awarded for the fourth position and they are South East Textiles (PVT) Ltd., Impress-Newtex Composite Ltd., SM Knitwear (SM group), Fakhruddin Textiles Mills Ltd. (Urmi group), Fakir Knitwears Ltd., Esquire Knit Composite Ltd., Cottonfield (BD) Ltd., Square Fashions Ltd. SFL-2, DIRD printing and Embroidery Ltd., HAMS Fashion Ltd., Alam printing, Trust Design and Trims, West Apparels Ltd., Chorka Textile Ltd., DWIP Printing and Embroidery Ltd.

Also, this time a special ‘Sustainability Award’ was given to the factories in two groups. Square Fashions Ltd., Thanbee Print World Ltd. (DBL group), Cottonfield (BD) Ltd., Impress-Newtex Composite Ltd., SM Knitwear (SM group), Modele De CAPITAL Industries Ltd. (Modele Group), Echotex Ltd., Fakir Knitwears Ltd., Ibrahim Printers Ltd., Epyllion Group, Alema Textiles Ltd.(MIM Group), Saiham Knit Composite Ltd., Meghna Knit Composite Ltd., SB Knit Composite Ltd., Fakruddin Textile Mills Ltd. and Dots and Marks (Urmi Group) were awarded in group-1 in this print contest.

10 other factories got ‘Sustainability Award’ in group-2. They are Bengal Hurricane Dyeing and Printing (PVT.) Ltd., HAMS Fashion Ltd., Chorka Textile Ltd., Knitivo Fashion Ltd., Mondol Fashion Ltd., Pacific Jeans Ltd., JAY JAY Mills (Bangladesh) Private Ltd., Ripon Knitwear Ltd., Gothic Design Ltd. (Viyellatex group) and M.M. Color.

In the ‘11th Silkflex Grand Technical Seminar 2019’ Dr. Eric HL Tan, Managing Director launched the new innovative products: SILKBOND 35, Fabric Sealer and Silkflex White/Clear Paste AOP. He also showed the key features of these three newly launched innovative products of Silkflex.

Dr. Eric HL Tan said, “Silkflex combines the chemical and artistic parameters to provide solutions in textile screen printing for stain resistance, chemical resistance, light fastness etc.”

He also discussed the selection of ink, print parameters etc. which are really key to develop the printing superiority.

“The aesthetic values of the print are depended on soft hand-feel, highly resolved, smooth, well-developed colors etc. of the ink,” he added.

Finally, he concluded his speech saying “Silkflex provides the key solutions that allow for the perfect print on textile through silkscreen printing”.

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