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Figure 1: Stephen Joseph Rowe, CEO, Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencer to increase garments import from Bangladesh to $1b

British Multinational Retailer Company Marks and Spencer will increase their imports from Bangladesh to one billion dollar, said Stephen Joseph Rowe, CEO of Marks... Read More
Figure: External Peer Review (EPR) team with Teachers of Textile Engineering Department of DIU.

Self-assessment is vital for quality assurance in education

Quality assurance and continues improvement of academic programs are very critical to meet the changing needs of the stakeholders. Self-assessment is the first step... Read More
Figure 1: A group photo of the seminar.

Water recovery solutions for textile industry

“Aamra Resources” and “PantaRei Water Solutions” jointly organized a seminar on “Water Recovery for Textile Industry” on 16 November at Radisson Blu Water Garden,... Read More

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