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2020, a year like no other in fashion industry

It is really tough to believe that 2020 has a silver lining, nonetheless it does. Yes, the fashion sector has been vulnerable and uncertain, but that is not essentially a bad thing. The fact that COVID-19 has enforced the fashion industry to rethink how it does business has led to the rushing and call for digital. As the fashion endure to shift through challenges to the next normal, the good news is that in 2021 it is probable that technology will continue to play a serious role in connecting the gap between the old and the new.

Figure: It is really tough to believe that 2020 has a silver lining for fashion industry, nonetheless it does. 

2020 tested fashion’s flexibility. Relentless, it has made an effect that will most possible be felt for years to come. The silver lining has been the rushing of innovation.

Revising the fashion industry, we have been able to adapt to the new normal and shape a more robust outlook that is skilled of taking us forward. With each sector showing visible scars, fashion’s valid grace was that it turned to advanced technologies to aid them block the kind of challenges that as an industry, were not prepared for.

2020 has not only been the year of social developing; we saw an increase in the adoption of numerous technologies. The champion of the year, technology has played a serious role in serving the industry, once unwilling to adopt, transform and prosper. No one can refute that technology played a vital role in the fashion industry’s growth since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before the next chapter can start, it is imperative to analysis the instants that defined 2020. It is was not all bad; there were fashion stories of flexibility and it is these stories that are slowly changing the industry’s vision of what the future of fashion will look like especially when it comes to topics like sustainability and inclusivity. And that change, my friend, can only be a good, no, actually a great thing!

So, the fashion industry is not only intended but is already becoming more smart and more automatic, making now the perfect time for fashion businesses to dream big.

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