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21 good practices of Mohammadi Group make it popular to its workers

Mohammadi Group is one of the most popular companies in Bangladesh. Started its journey back in 1986 with only 52 workers which have turned into 10,000 workers today. In the course of time, the group has brought significant change in the textile and apparel industry and gained tremendous developments. Apart from textile factories, the group is also associated with real estate, power generation, information technology, media and entertainment, etc.

Mohammadi group is a worker-friendly group. Which ensures the industrial laws are upheld. Besides, the group also provides several facilities beyond the safety-net of the existing labor laws. Which is of course, considered as ‘Good Practice’ of the group. Some such practices of Mohammadi Group are discussed here.

School facility for workers’ children: Keeping in consideration of the workers’ children education, Mohammadi Group has established a school beside each of its concerns. The workers can send their children to these schools from class 1 to 5 without any tuition fees. Books, notebooks, pens, etc are given free to the children in these schools. Including playgrounds for children’s recreation. On top of it, free food is provided.

Mohammadi Group-School facility workers children

Fair price shops: Mohammadi Group has arranged fair price shops so that workers can buy their daily needs with their hard-earned money at a fair price. Also, they can buy goods from the shops in due and complete the payment later after they get their salary.

Mohammadi Group Fair Shop

Education facility for the workers: Mohammadi Group pays respect to the ambition of workers for higher education. For this, the group has associated with Asian University for Women. The university takes three exams per year in the factories.

Those workers who think of themselves as deserving can participate in these exams. Mohammadi Group bears all the expenses of education of the workers who pass these exams. The number of workers who are currently studying are given below:

MG Niche Flare Ltd.(Unit-01):       2

MG Niche Flare Ltd.(Unit-02):       3

MG Shirtex Ltd.                        :       3

MG Niche Stich Ltd.                :        1

Total                                          :        9

Rubana Huq, managing director of Mohammadi Group, said she joined the initiative as she felt that women who worked in her factory have a right to fulfill their dream of higher education.

“If I can cherish my dream to earn a doctorate degree, why should my workers be deprived of higher education?” she said, adding, “So I decided to get on board with this initiative.”

Medical treatment facility is free of cost: Mohammadi Group has associated with all nearby hospitals around the factories for its workers’ treatment. Besides, there are doctors and assistant doctors in all factories.

If any worker or employee gets sick, there is a 25% discount available for them in the hospitals. The group also organizes health check-up programs for the workers regularly.

Annual Program: To bring out the latent talents of the workers, the group organizes annual cultural programs every year. In these programs, the workers are given prizes for their performance in sports, singing, dancing, etc. They are also given prizes for their attendance in the factories. Professional singers are invited for their entertainment.

Mohammadi Group Annual Program

Breast Cancer Check-up: There are breast cancer check-up facility for the women workers free of cost.

Attendance Bonus: For regular and timely attendance, workers are awarded 500tks as attendance bonus.

Annual Scholarship: Mohammadi Group has established Sharaf Memorial Trust which provides scholarships to the workers according to their merit.

Health insurance: Every factory is associated with Edison Health Care which organizes health check-up programs and gives health advice to the workers. They also give ‘Health Card’ by which a worker gets a specific amount of commission when he/she visits a hospital.

Skill development centers: In order to create skilled manpower, the group has established skill development centers which are certified by Technical Education Board of Bangladesh. Unskilled workers are appointed for 8000/- and training of 45 days is given to them. After the training, the technical education board takes exams, gives certificates and send the workers to the floors.

Mohammadi Group training facility

Grant management system: After one work-year, the workers get 5% increment and the IE dept. tests their efficiencies and increases their salaries according to their skills. During the recruitment programs, workers’ salaries are also fixed based on their working efficiency.

Collaboration with local society: The factories under these groups take part in different activities with the local society such as donating in mosques and madrasas, cleaning roads, etc.

Transportation facility: The company has bought a number of buses in order to provide transportation facility to the workers.

Accommodation facility: The group has bought lands for accommodation for its workers recently. The flats created in these lands will be distributed among the workers and they will be the owners of these flats after staying for a certain period of time.

Financial help: IF a worker faces any financial crisis then the company lends money to him/her without any interest and it is adjusted later from his salary.

Provident fund: There is a fund for the workers where they keep a certain amount of money and the factory owner keeps the same total amount. When a worker retires, the entire money is given back to them.

Hazz vacation: If a worker or an employee wishes to go to Hazz, then he/she is given a certain period of vacation. The worker whose working span is 5 years or less are given 30 days’ vacation with their salaries. Those who have worked more than 5 years are provided 45 days’ vacation in addition to their salaries.

Extra annual leaves: An annual leave with an extra 11 days with the labor law is given to the workers. During Eid, vacations are also increased.

Different types of allowance: The company gives free fighter and adult allowance paying respect to their services.

House-keeping team: There is a house-keeping team in each factory who works in order to keep the environment safe and clean.

Allowance for special responsibilities: PC committee, primary treatment committee, fire committee are given special allowance every month in order to inspire them in their respective works.

In fine, Mohammadi Group is a well-established industrial organization where a worker and environment-friendly circumstance prevails. With its long journey since its establishment, a lot of people along with the local society has been benefitted. May this group become more developed, successful and provides employment for a lot of people in the future.

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