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3 brands redefining sustainable denim

One of the most popular and iconic apparel product is denim, however, there are a lot of controversy regarding denim manufacturing as it leaves a lasting impact on nature.

Requiring 7,000 liters of water to produce one pair of denim jeans. In the production process, toxic chemicals are used in the dying process, which pollutes riverways and water supplies.

But there are some brands who are making a difference.

Figure: Making sustainable denim is not a futuristic matter anymore. Courtesy: MUD Jeans

River pollution threatens 5 billion people around the world. Though there are some brands who are rewriting history through innovative design and thoughtful production.

MUD Jeans

For last three years, MUD Jeans have kept 12,000 jeans from landfills and incineration and turned them into new denim.

MUD Jean’s work with Recovertex in Spain recovers waste material and recycle into new high-quality fabric.

This evades the need for perpetual new materials, thus minimizing the environmental impact on generating new fashion items. MUD offers a pioneering lease system, which guarantees that they keep hold of valuable fibers and that each garment is returned and recycled.

Also repairs are provided for free and customers can keep the jeans for as long as they want, with a repair service provided for free. Or they can swap them for a new pair after the one-year rental term is complete.


Reversing the linear model of fast fashion from make – use – waste to a ‘wear, tear and repair’ mindset.

Nudie Jeans makes it easier than ever to fix up denim with international repair stores, a mobile repair staion, repair partners and a repair kit. No matter where the consumers are in the world, jeans will last a lifetime with their durability system.

Nudie Jeans smartly inspire the consumer to hold emotional durability to their products, through their street style advertisement.

The brand is altering consumer approach to fashion, making it cool to reuse and repair.


Unspun is revolutionizing the way fashion is produced, concentrating on tailor-made jeans with a low waste focus. It uses digital technology to create the perfect fit for customers, making each jean unique to the customers’ body shape and design from a 3D scan.

Also, customization tools online allow the customer to be the engineer of their own pair of jeans – bringing emotional value and durability.

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