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3D printing allows for high freedom of design

Flexible manufacturing technology like 3D printing enables manufacturers to bring products to the market faster and recreate designs more easily than traditional production methods.

There are some examples of 3D-printed textiles in tailoring, but the most frequent are cases like the one where 3D printed items are mixed with traditional methods and fabrics to improve and create new textiles.

3D printed design
Figure: 3D printing can bring flexibility for designers because it allows for high freedom of design. Courtesy: 3dprint.com

3D printing can bring flexibility for designers because it allows for high freedom of design. Not just designers will profit from the flexibility of 3D printing, from a manufacturing point of view, 3D printing makes on-demand production possible and shortens the development cycles.

3D printing is also a digital technology that makes it easier to adapt trends continuously with multiple duplications on a design. Another aspect where 3D printing can transform the industry by making it more sustainable. 3D printing technologies generate less waste and the on-demand production creates less sleeping inventory.

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is the most common 3D printing technology used for fashion and 3D-printed eyewear. This technology offers design of freedom and also makes high quality finishes possible.

Another material we use for 3D-printed fashion is TPU, a more flexible material.

3D printing is a great technology for 3D-printed couture, but it can be used also as part of other fashion pieces produced with traditional methods or as customized accessories, like eyewear. Making sure that the 3D-printed garments and accessories are adapted to the purpose of use.

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