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4 PPE manufacturers in US see sales increasing

Due to Covid -19 pandemic situation Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sales are increasing in U.S market driven by worsening outbreaks across the South and Southwest, including in Arizona, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Sales of four Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) companies such as Honeywell (HON), 3M (MMM), Lakeland (LAKE) and MSA Safety (MSA) have been increasing day by day.

Figure: PPE manufacturers in US see sales increasing
Figure: PPE manufacturers in US see sales increasing

One of the top producers of N95 masks manufacturer Honeywell (HON revenue is increasing and the POWR Ratings have HON ranked 9th of 38 businesses in the Industrial Manufacturing space.

MMM is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of protective N95 masks for medical professionals. MMM has tripled its monthly N95 mask production following a couple contracts with the United States Department of Defense worth in excess of $200 million and the stock is ranked 7th of 59 companies in the Industrial Machinery category.

MSA Safety Company makes gas/flame detection systems, fire service protection products and gas detection instruments. The POWR Ratings have MSA ranked #22 of 65 Air/Defense Services stocks.

LAKE makes these garments and accessories, including chemical protective suits, disposable protective clothing and face masks.

The POWR Ratings have LAKE rated as a Buy with an A Trade Grade and an A Peer Grade. The stock is ranked 32nd of 132 stocks in the Medical – Devices & Equipment space. LAKE’s price returns are in the green going all the way back to 2018. In fact, the company’s five-year price return is 78%.

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