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5 most innovative companies jointly to create 100% ‘viroblocked’ garments

The upshot of collaboration among 2A-NYGUARD, COATS, HEIQVAGOTEX and SITIP, JUST 5 is an ingenious ‘viroblocked’ jacket that provides the best garment solution for resuming normal life by protecting the wearer, loved ones and everyone encountered.

JUST5 is a multi-functional and fashionable jacket with every component powered by HeiQ Viroblock to protect them from spoilage by contaminating microorganisms in just five minutes. The treatment does not protect the wearer or others against food-borne (or disease-causing) bacteria. But the jacket sets up a highly effective barrier to shield the wearer from spoiling contaminants in the surrounding.

Figure: JUST5 by 2A, COATS, HEIQ, WINDTEX VAGOTEX and SITIP, a multi-functional jacket featuring HeiQ Viroblock technology in all the components. Pre-order on Kickstarter starts on 26 August. Courtesy: HeiQ

Designed and Developed for the Unstoppables

JUST5 is an initiative by 5 leading material manufacturers and features many life-enhancing gadgets. All the components of the JUST5 jacket have been developed by leading companies in textile innovation. All components are individually available for any apparel or home textile brands to create their innovations.

5 innovative components

  1. 2A-NYGUARD NYSHIELD zippers – Zippers are touched often throughout the day. These self-sanitizing zippers will restore its usability in just 5 minutes after every touch. 2A is a pioneer in zipper production in Europe since the 1930s, now a leader in sustainable and innovative solutions for textile fasteners.
  2. Coats ProtectV–Sewing thread from the world’s leading industrial thread company add anti-microbial and anti-viral properties to every stitch.
  3. HeiQ Viroblock Swiss antimicrobial fabric technology – HeiQ Viroblock was originally developed to treat face masks registered by Swiss Medic as a medical device. Respirator masks treated with the same technology are authorized by the US FDA under EUA. HeiQ is the world’s leader in textile technology innovations.
  4. SITIP warp-knitted fabric – Elastic fabric for the extendable cuffs of JUST5 to shield the hands when touching potentially contaminated surfaces. Warp-knitting is fabric technology that prevents the yarn from laddering after a tear and SITIP is a world leader in this.
  5. Windtex Vagotex fabric – breathable, water-repellent and wind-resistant fabric. Windtex Vagotex S.p.A. is a leader in the lamination and processing of technical fabrics for sports- and footwear.

Carlo Centonze, Co-Founder and CEO of HeiQ Group said, “It is a super team comprised of our industry’s five most innovative companies. I am thrilled and looking forward to the launch of HeiQ’s first commercialized high-tech garment. More importantly, Any brand can now simply take parts from these suppliers and make their own, 100% ‘viroblocked’ garments!”

Ronan Cox, President, Performance Materials, Coats said, ‘Together we have demonstrated the power of industry collaboration.  By pooling our expertise we have developed a solution to the challenge of people wanting to restore normality to their everyday lives but also be protected.  Coats is passionate about innovation and is proud to be part of this first in garment technology.’

A crowdfunding campaign starts at 11:00 Eastern Standard Time, 17:00 Central European Time on 26 August on Kickstarter for people interested in supporting the idea and place their pre-orders. Finished jackets are expected to be available end of Autumn.

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