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5 sustainable fabric technologies launched to change fashion

Recently 5 new sustainable, carbon-negative, plant-based technologies for fabrics have just been launched on the market.  Allie Sutton, CEO of Moonlight Technologies who launched these innovative technologies, is working to change the future of fashion.

“I thought there has to be a different technology to ease the pain, one that doesn’t require throwing away single use items such as gloves and gowns,” says Allie Sutton. “There should be a technology where the virus dies instead of the fabric.”

Figure: Recently 5 new sustainable, carbon-negative, plant-based technologies for fabrics have just been launched on the market.

Sutton partnered with a team of botanical scientists who had already been developing technology towards this goal. The team was headed by Dr. Phyllis Levine, global medical director, a Gynecologic Oncologist with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from M.I.T. Bringing together her expertise and insight into both the healthcare and textile technology industries, she had been involved in the development and introduction of sustainable innovative bio-functional materials for almost a decade.

Figure: Allie Sutton, CEO of Moonlight Technologies. (Photo: collected) 

According to Allie, the future of fashion is natural dyes and products that don’t need to be washed. The self-cleaning technologies are applied to fabric after the dyeing process when other treatments and finishings are added. Moonlight Technologies’ mission to use the power of nature to create a more sustainable, safer, and healthier world through plant-based innovation appeals to brands around the world who, Sutton says, are already lined up to acquire the technology.

The 5 technologies 

EcoArmor, one of the world’s first sustainable, air, plastic and fabric antimicrobial technologies that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses, mold, and fungus;

InsectProof, a plant-based and permethrin-free bug repellent technology for fabrics, skin, and hard-goods;

MindfullyClean, a self-cleaning fabric technology which allows products treated with it to stay fresh and clean regardless of use and rarely needing to be washed;

OdorSafe which permanently destroys and eliminates bad odors on fabrics;

Natural Dyes, a complete range of sustainably derived, non-toxic, biodegradable colorants for hard goods and textiles. All the technology can be applied to any fabric type, both synthetic and natural.

Sutton says that those who work with natural dyes know it’s almost impossible to get true dark colors, but Moonlight Technologies, as of this week, can offer a full range of natural dyes extracted from plants including one of the first natural blacks that does not come from charcoal.

Synthetic dyes, which were first discovered in the 1850s, were valued for their ability to be mass produced and color textiles vibrantly, but they contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Natural dyes which are non-allergenic and derived from plants, trees, flowers and fungi, are safe for both planet and people. Natural dyes are typically more expensive than synthetic but Sutton says Moonlight Technologies’ dyes, which are derived from a 100 percent carbon-negative process, are also competitively priced.

(The report is made based on a report published in FashionUnited)

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