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51 items to diversify apparel export

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has identified 51 readymade garment products for export.

According to BGMEA, the manufacturers will focus on 31 products for five years and on the rest 20 products for 10 years to increase the export of these 51 products significantly. The 31 identified items are made of cotton and the rest are non-cotton items.

BGMEA identified 51 garment products for export
Figure: BGMEA identified 51 value-added readymade garment products for export. Courtesy: Pinterest

The products include cotton made babies’ garments, women’s or girls’ briefs and panties, men’s or boys’ underpants, and trousers, women’s or girls’ blouses, shirt, brassieres, t-shirts, singlets, men’s or boys’ anoraks, women’s or girls’ jackets and blazers of synthetic, men’s or boys’ overcoats, of man-made fibers and full-length or knee-length stockings, socks and other hosiery.

Key apparel items to focus for export

Cotton made garments Man-made fiber items
Babies’ garments Brassieres
Shirt Anoraks
T-shirts Jackets and blazers
Singlets Overcoats
Underpants, briefs, and panties Full-length or knee-length stockings
Trousers Socks
Blouses Other hosieries

BGMEA mentioned that there is a huge demand for these items in the global market, though Bangladesh produces them a little bit.

BGMEA President Rubana Huq said that Bangladesh lost 1.61 percent unit value of RMG products on the global market in the last four years. Govt should co-operate to increase this percentage so that we can earn more by exporting these items.

There are five items that contributed about 73 percent or US$ 24.8 billion of the country’s total export earnings of US$ 34.13 billion from the apparel items in the last fiscal year, according to BGMEA data. Most of the RMG items (74.14 percent) are made of cotton. The products are t-shirt, sweater, trousers, jacket and shirt. (BGMEA)

Market value of these 51 products

The global market size of the 31 products is about $132 billion and Bangladesh earned $7.16 billion by exporting the items in 2019. The global market size of the rest 20 items is $54 billion and Bangladesh earned only $1.2 billion by exporting the items in 2019, according to the BGMEA.

Market value of 51 apparel products
Source: BGMEA

Bangladesh imported 2,052,000 tons of fiber in 2018 while 93.57 percent is cotton-based products.  As a result, Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Associations (BKMEA) Vice President Mohammad Hatem said. “Due to a lack of skilled manpower and dependence on imported fabrics are the major problems in going for high-end products manufacturing.”

He opined that the govt. can start a campaign for training in producing cotton fabric in our country.

It is very important to research which is done by BGMEA to increase Bangladesh’s income from the RMG sector. Now they need to ensure that every manufacturer can go through the production of these 51 items.

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