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761 factories pay wages till today

In a statement, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) informed that already 761 factories have paid wages to their workers and the factories maintained fantastic hygiene protocol during salary disbursements.

They paid earlier than the BGMEA requested timeline of 16 April.

BGMEA President Rubana Huq said, “The roads are locked and banks are not fully operational. Owners are having difficulties as well.”

As per the Bangladesh Bank Circular- 07 dated 2/4/20, factories are required to either have a bank account or have MFS for disbursement of salaries for workers and staff.

Below is the recent MFS account opening data for RMG workers and staff:

Cash: 85,000 new accounts since 6 April

Rocket: 160,000 new accounts created since 4 April.

Bkash: 360,000 new accounts created since 4 April.

“With 77.76% decline in export, no one is in a comfortable position.”

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the massive outbreak of COVID-19. This global crisis has huge implications in the Bangladesh RMG industry, which is an export-oriented sector. As most of the fashion brands have closed their outlets, they are also canceling and postponing their orders.

She requested to keep faith. “We will pay March salaries soon to all,” she concluded.


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