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80% of textile waste ends up in landfill

According to a report by the Australian Circular Textile Association (ACTA) of the NSW Environmental Protection Authority, about 305,000 tons of textiles were dumped in New South Wales (NSW) in Australia last year, of which only 800 tones were recycled.

About 240,000 tonnes were sent to landfills, with the remaining 62,000 tonnes sent overseas by charities for reuse.

62,000 tones sent overseas by charities for reuse.
Figure: Reed says consumers should invest in high-quality textiles that last longer to avoid wastage.

“The research showed the problem had been underestimated. Rather than your 23, 27 kilos per person that have been used for the past several years, it’s closer to 39, 41 kilos per person per capita of textile consumption,” said ACTA chief executive officer and founder Camille Reed.

Also, the figures include clothing and household items like bed linen, curtains, and furnishings.

ACTA used the data to estimate that nearly a million tons of textiles were being consumed in Australia each year, and that was probably being under-reported.

Reed says consumers should invest in high-quality textiles that last longer to avoid wastage. He added that to address the problem industry, government, and consumers all have a role to play of course.

He also said Consumers should invest in high-value items and clothing as well as research firms and brands or seek information about their process.

“We know once we purchase higher-priced goods, we usually keep them in our lives for a bit longer, rather than something that’s cheap that we see as quite replaceable,” she was quoted as saying by an Australian media outlet.

The announcement for garment textiles will create the structure of the economy, on the other hand, a national summit is expected to be held later this year.

A large quantity of textiles is actually plastic waste. About 60 percent of textiles are synthetic when the remainder is organic.



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