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90% remediation of Alliance factories is complete

Total 364 Alliance factories achieve CAP completion

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety (“Alliance”) announced in a press release on 3rd July that during the month of June, 18 additional Alliance-affiliated factories completed all material components outlined in their Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), bringing the total to 364.

remediation of Alliance factories
Figure: Total 364 Alliance factories have achieved CAP completion.

Across all Alliance factories, 90% of all required factory remediation has been completed, informing this the release said, “Laying the groundwork for the Alliance’s planned transition to a Safety Monitoring Organization (SMO) that will include Bangladesh leadership and oversee safety inspection and monitoring, worker training and the 247 Amader Kotha helpline beginning in 2019.”

90% remediation of Alliance factories is complete

“The work of the Alliance and its partners to overhaul factory safety has made a significant difference within the RMG industry in Bangladesh,” said Kathleen Almand, Vice President of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

“My colleagues at NFPA and I are optimistic about the future, and we look forward to seeing how these gains will be built upon as the Alliance transitions its work.”

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