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A perfect fit denim with automation

Denim has become the ultimate engine of self-expression worldwide. Denim trends have evolved a lot over time, but its popularity never waning. And globally the denim consumers are on the lookout for perfect fitting denim jeans.

Denim automation Unspun
Figure 1: Perfectly fitted jeans with zero-waste. Courtesy: Unspun

Unspun, a venture-backed robotics and apparel company, based in San Francisco and an office in Hong Kong as well, making custom jeans for each consumer on-demand.

As customer choices are in the super-fast mode, keeping the value-added product in mind, and automation can offer unthinkable value additions in garment products.

By means of digital customization and automated manufacturing, Unspun is offering unique customized denim.

With a highly-skilled team, comprised of designers, engineers, industry-veterans, serial entrepreneurs, artists and developers, they are in a mission to reduce global carbon emissions by at least 1% through automated, localized, and intentional manufacturing.

“Introducing robotics means automation and higher efficiencies that respect the planet. Robotics introduces new opportunities for workers. These jobs would facilitate training and upskilling in the form of education,” Walden Lam, Chief Hustler and Co-Founder, Unspun.

Currently, a high-skills seamstress can put together a pair of custom pants in about two hours from start to end. With automation, the worker can focus on the most skill-demanding steps, e.g. back pocket placement, and can finish a pair of custom jeans under 20 minutes. Meaning increasing productivity and reducing cost.

“Introducing robotics means automation and higher efficiencies that respect the planet. Robotics introduces new opportunities for workers. These jobs would facilitate training and upskilling in the form of education.”

Walden Lam, Chief Hustler and Co-Founder, Unspun

This certainly gives leverage to manufacturers, who are scrutinizing to reduce maximum cost, with automation and robotics.

Increasing sustainability with on-demand

Unsold clothes and excessive inventory has reached an epidemic. By creating on-demand, Unspun removes the need to stock standard-sized inventory.

In the production of jeans, it works closely with some of the world’s most sustainable denim mills to source comfortable fabrics that have components of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, recycled and upcycled materials, with technologies that reduce the use of water and chemicals during the process. Along with repurposing the cut waste to get as close to our zero waste vision as possible.

unspun denim team
Figure 2: unspun denim core team.

Customer experience

Consumers are already feeling the difference, with the aid of body scanning technology and fabrics that form best to each style, made sustainably, Unspun’s jeans are inherently different.

After customers order, Unspun designs their denim according to their unique style through:

  • Cut-mission, offline, launch
  • Color of denim
  • Waist-rise/leg-length preference
  • A 30-second, 3D body scan at one of our stores or a scanning station

Then Perfect-Fit jeans arrive in two to three weeks.

The company is constantly fine-tuning the software algorithms so that they are more accurate and quicker to pick up new information and have also looked into how the relationship between the user and the jeans grow with time now that they have more information.

Walden Lam added, “We have begun a wear log where our ambassadors provide us with valuable feedback about how the jeans age. That has also sparked internal conversations about how we should treat the afterlife of jeans that have served their missions!”

“We are more guided by the impact we create in the world, and in that sense, I think the world will see that we will keep re-inventing ourselves through the creation of new products, experiences and strategies that serve that purpose,” he concluded.

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