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‘Abhismriti 1.0’ organized by BUTEXDC is coming up

The inter-departmental debate competition naming Abhismriti 1.0 by Bangladesh University of Textiles Debating Club (BUTEXDC) is going to start on 23 September.

BUTEXDC is a prominent name in the debate circuit. Each year various programs and competitions are arranged by BUTEXDC.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the program will be conducted through online platform discord. This event always brings cheer and joy among BUTEX students, but this year the context comes with a tragic incident.

Figure: Abhismriti 1.0 debate competition is going to start on 23 September.

The competition is organized in the memory of recently deceased Abhishek Paul, a star debater, and a brilliant mind. He was a student of Wet Processing Engineering of session 2018-19.

He was supposed to be an influential character in this competition and overall in every activity of BUTEXDC, but an unfortunate event took him away prematurely. On 11 March 2021, Abhishek Paul passed away in the Kaptai Ashambosti area by an attack of a wild elephant.

Abhishek was born in Boshurhat, Noakhali but he grew up in his Mamabari in Feni. He studied in Feni Pilot High School and passed HSC from Govt. Science College in Dhaka. He was a beloved person in every place he was present.

Abhishek was an extraordinary talent. He was an enthusiastic student, loved to study physics. He had dreams to do big things with his knowledge. He not only mastered debate circuits, but he also showed his presence in theater, recitation, instrument playing, art, and other cultural activities.

As a leader, his decision-making was on point. He was the president of GSCDC. He bagged numerous awards and championships throughout his career. In the debate circuit, Abhishek was a respected name with lots of DOTs and other awards in his possession.

Paul was an elemental part of BUTEXDC. After joining the club, he carried on his form and gave his valuable input. He was passionate about making his club proud. He mentored and influenced his friends to take up debating. In a short time, he was engaged in club activities with full devotion.

Abhishek was not an ordinary person, he had an impact on a lot of people’s life. He would always be present in their mind. To tribute him, BUTEXDC has decided to name the yearly inter-departmental debate competition in his memory, naming the tournament ‘Abhismrity 1.0’ (meaning memory of Abhishek)

The competition will be conducted in the Asian parliamentary system with 18 teams participating. A total of 54 debaters are ready to show their expertise.

The adjudicator panel will consist of distinguished names of the Bangla debate circuit. In the tab round, every team will take part in 4 debates, and from there 8 teams will go to the quarter-final, and consequently, 4 teams will go through to the semi.

All these debates will be online, but the final will be hosted on the BUTEX campus with proper health precautions.

After a long time, an event is going to be held on campus and this is a moment of excitement for everyone. This event will serve as a get-together for the club members and alumni. The organizing committee is working hard to make this event a successful and memorable one.

Abhismriti 1.0 is not like any other event. This one is special, this pays tribute to one of the club’s glimmering members. Abhishek Paul will always take a place in our hearts.

BUTEXDC will always remember his works and contributions. It is hoped that this competition will be a grand success and this will be the stepping stone for many young debaters.

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