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Accord, Alliance to leave Bangladesh in January: Commerce Minister

US ambassador Marcia Bernicat said at Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) conference room on 28 May that, “Bangladesh’s RMG sector is much safer than in 2013 when the Rana Plaza disaster occurred and I urge BGMEA and the Government of Bangladesh to come to a quick resolution on the Accord and Alliance’s extensions in Bangladesh.”Accord, Alliance to leave Bangladesh

After the above statement of Bernicat, Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said on 31 May, “Accord and Alliance will leave Bangladesh in January next year” at the secretariat.

According to the agreement, till May 31, the Accord-Alliance was supposed to be in Bangladesh, but later they were given six more months of the interim period, which will end on January 31.

Tofail stated that “There is no Accord-Alliance in any country in the world. Cannot go to Vietnam, cannot suggest that the Accord-Alliance will come. Not in China, not in Pakistan, even not in India, so only in Bangladesh.”

“We are a self-respecting nation, there’s no more need for the Accord-Alliance,” he added.

Commerce Minister said, “Remediation Coordination Cell (RCC) will look after our factories so there is no possibility of the Accord-Alliance extension after January 31.”

He also ensured that “After leaving the Accord-Alliance from Bangladesh, the Labor Ministry’s Remediation Coordination Cell (RCC) will take responsibility for whatever the two organizations did.”

He also mentioned that “Rana Plaza accident occurred on April 24, 2013. Last 5 years, there was no accident at this time that means our factories are complianed.”

“Our electrical safety, fire safety, and stacking integrity of the building – all we renovated. Many factories have already been converted into green factories, so our factories are good,” he continued.

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, a consortium of North American brands and buyers and the Accord is a platform of European brands and buyers. The two platforms started working in Bangladesh after the Rana Plaza accident.

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