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Adidas created engineered stability with new boost innovation for urban runners

Adidas which is a leading sports company in Europe and the world’s 2nd leading company in the sports field, their experience with innovation has been enlarged with a huge part of boost technology in its products.

Adidas new boost innovation for urban runners

Introducing Boost HD; a new innovation in boost technology, Adidas has engineered Boost HD for more stability with the same unrivaled energy return and comfort.

Adidas’ main aim in this project is to make a more competitive advantage of it. They have been focused to make better changes with providing a new boost solution.

Sitting lower to the ground, Pulseboost HD is ready for the unexpected. A sudden stop, juke or quick change in direction with a busy city street is not a problem with a completely new package of performance benefits for runners.

  • Boost HD is engineered for more stability with same best in class comfort and energy return _ a new expression for the best.
  • Continental Adaptive Traxion is a new Continental™ Rubber outsole developed by artificial intelligence, giving maximum grip to quickly change direction on any surface, dry or wet.
  • Adapt knit is a new flexible upper that stretches where the wearer needs it.

Stephan Schneider, Sr. Product Manager, Adidas running, said: “Running in a city is unlike running anywhere else. Traffic, lights and crowds make for a unique experience—high challenges that come with high reward. We wanted to create something that was born from urban runners. Their infrastructure. Their inspirations, their energy.”

“To create Pulseboost HD, we started by breaking down the elements of running in a city, namely the position of the foot. For example, runners are more on their forefoot than midfoot. We then used computational design and, most importantly, insight from key urban runners to create Pulseboost HD. This isn’t a product made by Adidas, it is a shoe created by urban running culture,” Stephan Schneider, Sr. Product Manager, Adidas running

To highlight the design and collaboration story, the shoe features the GPS coordinates for New York, Paris, and Berlin, where runners from each city helped develop Pulseboost HD.

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