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Adidas launches knitted bra for superior comfort and support

Designed from the inside out and engineered for a perfect fit, the Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX Bra mirrors the female body in motion

Adidas the German sportswear giant recently unveiled the Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX bra. A ‘premium first of its kind sports bra’ created with Primeknit, Adidas’ revolutionary knitting technology which ensures the perfect fit for female athletes.

Adidas knitted bra
Figure 1: Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX Bra by Adidas mirrors the female body in motion.

The bra offers the ultimate freedom of movement for female athletes to train with zero distraction.

The Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX bra was co-created with Adidas global network of female athletes who revealed the need for a high-performance sports bra that delivers both support and comfort.

After years of research studying the female body in motion, the Adidas Advanced Concepts team was able to fine-tune the exact amount of flexibility and support required, using this unique Primeknit knitting technology.

The bra has been created with a superior soft and absorbent nylon yarn that provides unparalleled comfort and cooling, while the design and engineered unpadded compression delivers stretch, strain and bounce management for a locked-in feel that doesn’t restrict.

Adidas launched knitted bra
Figure 2: Female athletes no longer have to sacrifice comfort and support during the performance.

“Women are no longer willing to sacrifice comfort and support during the performance, and they shouldn’t have to. What makes the Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX bra unique is that we built the infrastructure of the bra from the inside out, based on insights from our female athletes around needing support and comfort in equal measure,” said Clair Wallace, Design Director of Advanced Concepts and Global Brands at Adidas.

The knit construction of Primeknit allows the bra to mirror every movement, enabling female athletes to train without any distractions.

In addition to the bra, Adidas also launched the Believe This Primeknit LUX Tight, which is also developed same Primeknit technology and fabric construction that moves with the body, delivering support and comfort in targeted areas.

The Primeknit LUX Don’t Rest Bra and Believe This Primeknit LUX Tight are available to purchase in-store and online.

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