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Aeoon Technologies presents garment printing solution at ITMA 2019

Aeoon Technologies introduced new digital garment printing of their KYO Link Series at ITMA 2019.

Aeoon Technologies ITMA 2019
Figure: Aeoon Technologies introduced new digital garment printing of their KYO Link Series at ITMA 2019.

With cycle speeds up to 33 dozen’s per hour, it was designed to high volume industrial production with high print quality. It combines the speed and production costs that closely much traditional screen printing, with the numerous advantages of digital printing.

Each machine has a stand pallet ranging from 25×35 cm up to 100x200cm, but custom sizes are available. The durable full metal body that can withstand mechanical stress caused by industrial use.

The ability to mount new print heads make the Aeoons one of the fastest DTG printers available. All printheads have 600 dpi native resolution up to 2400 dpi with 12 industrial printheads accede. It offers a complete package of automated RIP image processing and fully automated order management. It can also be integrated into the existing enterprise resource planning system.

Aeoon technologies printers offer these following pretreatment solutions that can live up to a high speed of printers:

  • Beamer system for high precision positioning
  • Simplified workflow process
  • Visualization of each printing
  • Scanner for each printing
  • Degassing system
  • Automatic cleaning and capping section

The printer also provides modular system configurations that can fulfill the demand of every customer. Aeoon uses the highest quality components in the construction of KYO series printers for consistent durability and endurance.

According to the company, Aeoon Technologies had been providing new innovative direct to garment and screen printing since it was founded in 2011. It was famous for awesome T-shirt printing. First Aeoon Kyo series started to produce up to 800 T-shirts per hour in stunning high resolution with native 600dpi. So the company has a vas significance in the revolution of direct to garment printing.

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