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AEPC urges support from Govt and buyers

Due to the second wave of COVID-19 Indian apparel exporters are facing challenges. That is why they have urged Government and buyers to support them.

They urged Government to declare apparel exports as essential services and exempt these exporting units from lockdowns across India.

Figure: AEPC has requested buyers not to cancel orders and demand discounts on the orders.

Also, the industry has requested buyers not to cancel orders and demand discounts on the orders.

Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) Chairman Dr. A. Sakthivel told, “We request that the Central Government should issue necessary instructions to all the State Governments to declare apparel exports as essential services and exempt them from shutdown” to the PM Narendra Modi.

Besides that, AEPC also held a video conference meeting with buying houses and associations to discuss the second wave of the pandemic.

The AEPC Chairman requested the buying houses and agents to explain to the international clients that the situation in India is getting better.

Dr. Sakthivel said, “Due to the lockdown if the units are unable to execute these orders, this will result not only in the short-term loss of orders and export earnings but also a long-term loss of the buyers. Our competing countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Pakistan are making all efforts to take orders from these regions and if we lose our buyers at this point, they will not come back in the near future.”

As garment exports and fashion are sensitive, if the production and shipments are not done on time, their recovered value will be nil.

And so, considering the perishable nature of the product, garment exports should be seen as a necessary service. Also, many neighboring and competing countries have already exported garments with the status of essential services.

Meanwhile, representatives of the housing and association said they were trying to convince buyers that it was a temporary setback and the situation would get better soon, according to a statement from the AEPC.

They also said though buyers are ‘extremely sympathetic’ in helping India but unfortunately, many businesses are time-sensitive.

This is why the current lockdown will affect sensitive orders, however, buyers are not looking at mass cancellations, as they did in 2020.

If that happens again, the products will not be able to be delivered within the lead time.

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