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Africa looks forward exporting more cotton to Bangladesh spinning mills

Africa is the world’s second largest cotton exporter following USA. Total African cotton export stands at around 5.5 million bales in 2016, which is a reflection of cotton stakeholder’s collective efforts for quality improvement in Africa.

African Cotton Association (ACA) delegates visited some cotton industries on 10 April, 2017 at Mymensingh Industrial area in Bangladesh. ACA delegates visited Zubair Spinning Mills, Sufia Cotton Mills, Talha Spinning Mills, Israq Spinning Mills and Tafrid Cotton Mills.

Figure 1: An African delegate in a Bangladeshi spinning mill.
Figure 1: An African delegate in a Bangladeshi spinning mill.

The delegates saw different types of West African, Brazilian and Uzbekistan cotton in use and observed whole production process of spinning production. The delegation was impressed by the size and capabilities of the facilities at the spinning mills. They understood the progress of Bangladesh Spinning Industry.  The delegation enjoyed the visit and indicated that Bangladesh could be importing more cotton from Africa countries. They are meanwhile hoping to visit again soon to stronger market and relation with more spinning mills.

The visited factories import cotton mainly from West Africa, Brazil and China.

Bangladesh Cotton Association (BCA) Vice President, Managing Director of Tafrid Cotton Mills, Mr. Samiul Islam said, Bangladesh is highly dependent on India for cotton (the basic raw material for the textile industry) due to comparative price, shorter lead time and smooth supply. Now African countries can be a major source of cotton in the Bangladesh’s garment industry.

BTMA Vice President, Managing Director of Israq Spinning Mills, Md Fazlul Hoque said, Bangladesh spinning mills are sourcing cotton from countries like India, the United States and Africa. Currently, Bangladesh sources around 20.88% of its total cotton demand from African countries.

The West African and Turkey delegates were;

  • Baba Berthe, President of African Cotton Association (ACA)
  • Boubacar Ba, Sales Director of CMDT, Mali Cotton
  • Adama Jean Traore, Deputy CE of SOFITEX
  • Lassanba Kargougou, Sales Director of Sofitex
  • Mohamadou Bayero, CEO of Sodecotton, Cameroon
  • Saly Oumarou, Sales Director of Sodecotton
  • Vamara Soro, Director of Industrial Production, CIDT
  • Cuneyd Harmansa, CEO of Calic Cotton
  • Burak Kurtbay, Head of Calic Cotton
  • Ismail Remzi Tan, Sales Manager of Calic Cotton
  • Abdur Rahim Yada, Purchasing Manager of Calic Cotton

Cotton is an essential commodity for the African continent. West Africa in particular is ensuring the livelihood of more than 15 million people, improving their living condition, enabling them to send their children to school and receive better medical treatment.

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