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Alibaba aiding Bangladeshi manufacturers to grow their business globally

Alibaba, the international online marketplace, is offering Bangladeshi manufacturers to be global suppliers. The offer is not only for the Readymade Garments (RMG) manufacturers, other companies and product lines are also welcome in this renowned platform.

Figure 1: Alibaba is offering Bangladeshi manufacturers to be global suppliers.

On 17th September 2020, a webinar on “How Alibaba Can Help Grow Your Business Globally” organized by Bangladesh Textile Today, the global member of Alibaba, where industry experts explained how the manufacturers can be recognized as a global supplier.

MM Uddin, Manager, Marketing & Sales @ Alibaba project was the Keynote speaker and Md. Shoraf Uddin Shamal, CEO @ Global Emotion ltd. was the panel, speaker. The webinar was moderated by Md. Eousup Novee, GM-HR & Strategy @ PEOPLE Project (People, Process & Profit) Textile Today.

Md. Eousup Novee stated that nowadays both buyers and suppliers of the world are getting closed to e-commerce platforms. He added that Alibaba, as being a B2B platform, is helping the manufacturing countries especially Bangladesh currently to be familiar with the whole world.

Regarding this topic MM Uddin, Manager, Marketing & Sales @ Alibaba project stated, most of the buyers are concerned about price and Bangladesh is a place where they can get a quality product at a lower price. He added that the world is becoming digital including B2B trade, and Alibaba.com is one of the leading B2B e-commerce market places in the world, in Alibaba yearly B2C sell is US$3.8 trillion and B2B sell is US$23.9 trillion which is six-time greater than B2C.

Mentioned the percentage of buyer and seller using an e-commerce platform, MM Uddin said that about 39% of manufacturers are already in e-commerce sites also 29% are small businessmen who sell their products online and more the 90% B2B buyers are making orders using their mobile phones.

Leading B2B Countries are the US, UK, India, Australia, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and France.

In a response to a participant’s question about the ratio of buyer and supplier in Alibaba.com, MM Uddin said that there are 133 buyers against 1 supplier.

MM Uddin shared a tutorial on how to find a buyer or how a buyer finds a seller or manufacturer. There is two way for communication between them one is incoming other is outgoing.

For example, he mentioned that if a French buyer needs a product then he will search about the product on the Alibaba website and there is an option to mention the quantity, price and then he can send a message or chat live with the supplier.

Figure 2: Webinar panelists.

He also described how a seller can find a buyer for this operation. The seller needs to go on a website name sourcing.alibaba.com then he can search the name of the product that he produces and there is also the option of setting the quantity. So, It seems easier than visiting the buyer or supplier.

MM Uddin said there is 4 packages to be a paid member on Alibaba.com those are:

  1. Basic (Price-US$1,399)
  2. Basic pro (Price-US$1,899)
  3. Standard (Price-US$2,999)
  4. Premium (Price-US$4,999)

Now Alibaba launched a supper September offer through this who will buy a package for 2 years will get discount and the discount amount for Basic and Basic pro-US$ 200 and for Standard, Premium US$300. And Throughout this offer suppliers can get live broadcast that will reach about 18.000+ people, also can add videos that will reach about 150,000 people. If a supplier uploads 15 premium products after signing up then he will get a one-star rating. From Bangladesh, a supplier can get a maximum 3-star rating that will help them to be more successful on this platform.

Md. Eousup Novee stated that China is known as the biggest manufacturing hub for the whole world. Now the world is trying to create more manufacturing destinations. Along with China, few countries are seen as manufacturing destinations. Bangladesh is going to be the next strong sourcing destination for global buyers for many reasons. This is the time for Bangladeshi manufacturers and buying houses to utilize the Alibaba platform to be globally present.

Md. Shoraf Uddin Shamal, CEO @ Global Emotion ltd., who has been using the Alibaba platform for the last 14 years, said in response to a question regarding feedback, “If I didn’t get feedback, I would not stay with Alibaba for l4 years.”

Md. shoraf Uddin Shamal highlighted that why he chose Alibaba. He said that they had a buying house that had 8-10 partners but that didn’t work out then one of his cousins suggested him to use this platform. Then he started using this e-commerce site and 1 year later he started to get feedback.

He mentioned that it depends on the time, how much time you are giving to be a successful supplier in Alibaba.

European countries such as Canada, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany and France are the main buyer of Global Emotion Ltd. They mainly supplying knit and woven items like t-shirt, polo shirt, jackets, shorts, etc.

In a response regarding ‘order quantity’ Md. shoraf Uddin Shamal said that it depends on the supplier, how much he can deliver as there are both small and large quantity orders available.

Agreeing with him MM Uddin added that it doesn’t just depend on Alibaba, it depends on the supplier- how much feedback he can offer. For example, Alibaba has put you fishing in the river and it depends on you what you will do and how much time you will take to catch it.

Md. Eousup Novee added that Bangladesh Textile Today became the global member of Alibaba in Bangladesh so if anybody wants to be a member or run his business with this platform they can contact Textile Today’s authority. They will be glad to be a part of creating an RMG e-commerce business globally.

Alibaba is a platform that is primarily used as a marketing tool. Marketing costs a lot of money to get an order. However, Alibaba suppliers can work with buyers from more than 190 countries at a much lower cost. It will create a great exposure that will help the Bangladesh RMG sector.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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