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Alignment among organizational leadership, employees and culture for continuous improvement

Organizational culture is an important element of the organization that generates the internal perception of the employees and influences external perception about the organization. A good culture truly reflects the mission, vision and core values of the owner on one side. This ensures a high level of leadership.

On the other side, it aligns all the activities within the organization with mission, vision and core values. This ensures high employee morale, satisfaction and performance.

Figure: Organizational culture is an important element of the organization that generates the internal perception of the employees.

Organizational culture is the way of doing things in an organization that is either organically grown based on the empirical way of doing a particular thing or a methodologically developed way of doing things that are aligned with the mission, vision, core values and objectives (MVCVO) of an organization.

Organically grown culture has the risk of not being aligned with the MVCVO as it is not done methodologically. A methodologically developed culture also may fail to align with the MVCVO if not properly understood, defined and communicated.

An organizational culture if not aligned with MVCVO would open the door of conflicting activities, create conflicts and result in suboptimal organizational performance and low morale environment.

It is very uncommon that an entrepreneur first defines the MVCVO then starts his business. However, after business consolidation and the business reaches a sizable level where it becomes difficult for the owner to supervise all activities, a structured hierarchy with necessary segmentation, authorities, responsibilities and activities needs to be allocated and defined aligning with the MVCVO, ideally in a methodological way.

Eventually, activities start and get adjusted to align these with MVCVO and within a couple of years the culture is grown and it becomes a norm that needs to be addressed by all in that organization.

Enterprise Strategic Team (EST) needs to be formed who would design the MVCVO with the help of the entrepreneur. The burden of explaining MVCVO is on the entrepreneur and EST truly needs to understand the aspiration, passion, or dream of the entrepreneur that needs to be translated into mission, vision and core values.

Any error during writing the MVCVO or during the implementation of the MVCVO in the form of strategic objectives, activity plan, activities and communication could result in development of not only wrong practices, activities and culture in the organization but also this would lead to a leadership problem. Therefore, EST must be extra-cautious in designing and implementation of MVCVO to build the right culture.

Moreover, we are in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution where quantum changes are going through coupled with Covid-19 justifies EST re-visiting the MVCVO and redesign the culture necessary for survival, reconsolidation, repositioning and strive for the future growth opportunities.

A company with EST worth endeavoring alignment among the organizational leadership, employees and culture to be ahead of others through creating a conducive environment that instigates innovation, continuous improvement and highest risk-adjusted returns.

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