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Amber Denim and Textile Today jointly launched ‘Denim Development & Manufacturing’ training

Denim is one of the most growing sectors in Bangladesh RMG industry. Bangladesh is the 3rd largest denim garments exporter to the USA and 1st to the EU market. Bangladesh denim sector is facing many challenges like efficiency, quality ensuring, profitability, etc. Efficient denim professionals are vital to ensure the sustainable growth of the denim sector who will run the denim factories successfully.

Amber Denim and Textile Today Denim Development & Manufacturing training
Figure 1: Participants with Trainer Engr. Rafat Hasan Chowdhury at the R&D department of Amber Denim.

With the aim in mind to make efficient professionals for denim sector Textile Today Training has taken initiative to arrange training on ‘Denim Development & Manufacturing’ jointly with Amber Denim Ltd. Trainer Engr. Rafat Hasan Chowdhury will take the training session which includes in-house and factory training. Factory training is held at Amber Denim.

Already Textile Today Training successfully completed the 1st and 2nd batch of ‘Denim Development & Manufacturing’ training with factory training at Amber Denim, one of the most well-organized denim mills in Bangladesh.

The factory training of ‘Denim Development & Manufacturing’ was successfully completed on 5 May 2019 at Amber Denim. Engr. Rafat Hasan Chowdhury shared the well-organized operating procedure of Amber Denim mills with the help of the denim professionals working at Amber Denim Mills. He shared a number of developed fabrics by Amber Denim with the participants.

Amber Denim production floor Textile Today Training
Figure 2: Great learning experience for the participants at Amber Denim production floor.

Amber Denim has a well-organized set up to meet the demand of different buyers. Even the sample section of Amber is so disciplined that other garment factories can follow their sample section. From warping to weaving every segment of Amber Denim was introduced with the participants which will be helpful for them in the long run.

‘Denim Development & Manufacturing’ is one of the 18 Factory Skills Development Training Programs of Textile Today Training. Each subject is of 16 hours (12 hours in-house training and 4 hours of factory training). According to this frame, factory training is conducted at Amber Denim which will help the participants to go forward strongly and efficiently.

Amber Denim Denim & Textile Today Development & Manufacturing’ training certificates
Figure 3: Hamidur Rahman, General Manager (Admin HR & Compliance) and trainer Engr. Rafat Hasan Chowdhury handed over the certificates to the participants.

In the later part of the day after the long training session on ‘Denim Development & Manufacturing’, Md. Hamidur Rahman, General Manager (Admin HR & Compliance) and Engr. Rafat Hasan Chowdhury handed over the certificates to the participants from BUTEX, BUFT, Skyrose Trading, S.M Engineering, etc.

Textile Today Training is going to launch an advanced training on Denim Development & Manufacturing very shortly. Amber Denim and Textile Today Training are determined to go forward jointly to create efficient denim professionals who will face the future challenges of the denim sector in Bangladesh.

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