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AMIRÁ inaugurates Gulshan outlet in a grand manner

Recently, Bangladesh’s ethnic lifestyle and innovative high-street retail brand AMIRÁ – a concern of Experience Group – inaugurated its Gulshan-2 outlet in a grand manner. This is its 4th outlet.

Figure 1: AMIRÁ inaugurated its 4th outlet in Gulshan-2 in a grand manner. Courtesy: AMIRÁ

At the grand event Maqsood Ahmad, Chairman; Usama Maqsood, Group Director and Zainab Maqsood, Director at Experience Group were present.

Public figure and celebrity actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim and dancer, choreographer and model Ridy Sheikh were the star attraction of the AMIRÁ Gulshan outlet inauguration event.

Figure 2: Zainab Maqsood, Director, AMIRÁ. Courtesy: AMIRÁ

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim said, “We women are choosy about trendy, fashionable and comfortability when it comes to buying a fashion clothing. And AMIRÁ has all the recipe to cater all that.”

Zainab Maqsood, Director, AMIRÁ said, “AMIRÁ has set itself as a fashion brand due its minute detail regarding the fabric innovation, intricate design, fashion and being comfortable at the same time.”

Figure 3: Bidya Sinha Saha Mim browsing through exclusive AMIRÁ collections. Courtesy: AMIRÁ

“Bangladeshi fashion lovers love vibrant colors. They want each and every inch of a garment to be given attention. And AMIRÁ gives that vary notion in all its garments in an affordable price,” Zainab Maqsood added.

AMIRÁ is rigorous on the trends that will look most attractive and stylish for Bangladeshi customers achieving the highest quality possible. Utilizing high-quality fabrics with in-house designing, printing and manufacturing process, for the best outcome.

Experience Group has been providing high-quality denim clothing to the top brands in the European and US markets with over 60 years of experience working with different qualities and weights of denim.

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