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“We offer maximum value to our customers with innovative products”

Dovoy has four business units i.e., Dovoy Industrial Solutions™, Dovoy Animal Health™, Dovoy Food Ingredients™ and Dovoy Grain Processing™. Although all the four verticals of Dovoy are doing well in the market and are coming out to be the market leaders, however, Dovoy Industrial Solutions™ is the most important vertical of Dovoy, where they cater solutions to various industries like textile processing, paper and pulp processing, and leather processing. Their core strength has always been manufacturing and they have worked towards cutting the value chain through innovative chemistry and a direct-to-customer approach.

Figure 1: Amit Kaushik, Director, Dovoy.

Amit Kaushik (BTech in Textile Chemistry), Director of Dovoy has been serving the textile & apparel industry more than eighteen (18) years. Having worked with various multinationals he is leading the brand building of Dovoy since its inception in 2014. Within a short span, Dovoy transformed from being a ‘Job Worker’ to establishing itself as a leading brand in the Enzyme and auxiliary arena.

Sahil Hans (BTech in Textile Science & Engineering), Business Development Manager (Exports), has been working at Dovoy for more than six (6) years. He is responsible to work with almost all the reputed textile mills of North & East India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. As Bangladesh is one of the key important markets for Dovoy, he visits Bangladesh’s textile factories on a regular basis and has fantastic knowledge about the Bangladesh market. Recently Amit Kaushik and Sahil Hans have discoursed on current global business status of Dovoy, present production and R&D facilities, their unique selling proposition, their plan regarding Bangladesh market.

Textile Today: What is the current global business status of Dovoy in the field of textile auxiliaries and enzyme markets?

Amit Kaushik: We have been organically growing since our inception as a brand “Dovoy.” Interestingly, we have been growing with a CAGR of 28% since 2014, even in the pandemic year we managed to put decent growth across markets and segments. The acceptance of our products in various markets has been better than expected. Our revenue has been evenly distributed across major product categories we cater to with Enzymes leading at 40% share. We aim to have a significant market share in Enzymes in South Asia by 2025.

Textile Today: Kindly share with us the present production and R&D facilities of Dovoy.

Amit Kaushik: With headquarters in Singapore, we have our main production facilities in China while blending and formulation facilities in India, catering to our customers across the globe. We have recently expanded our India office in Gurugram where we have set up our Textile Application Lab and Enzyme Research & QA Lab run by a team of high caliber Biotechnologists.

Figure 2: Sahil Hans, Business Development Manager (Exports), Dovoy.

Maintaining quality consistency in enzymes is always a challenge and even more challenging is evaluating the efficacy of the manufactured product. To counter this our Enzyme QA lab comes to the rescue, here we conduct assay tests for every batch before goods are ready to be shipped to the customers. We now plan to start our Bakery application Lab and implement Phytase Recovery testing for the Animal Health Division in the current Fiscal Year.

Textile Today: Share with us a few innovative and sustainable product ranges that you are offering for the textile and apparel industries.

Amit Kaushik: Enzymes are our core business and most focused product range. If we take the case of a very generic product like cellulase enzyme where not much innovation was possible, our R&D came up with an innovative idea in 2018 with our product Dovoy-Zyme PSL. This product is of extremely high concentration, which is impossible to handle in a liquid state, but we successfully produced the same in powder form which has 100% solubility in water with no sedimentation of fillers. This enabled us to drastically lower the cost of bio[1]polishing and not only that, it is highly robust to handle climate and ambient temperature shocks, it also helps our customers to resolve the issues of inventory load and shipping costs.

Dovoy-Zyme Super 4 is another product that exhibits an unthinkable level of sustainability and cost benefits, this is a single all-in-one product that works as a desizing, bio-polishing, pumice stone replacement, anti-back staining agent and elastane protection agent. This “One Bath – One Process” product can reduce carbon footprint along with process time, water, and chemicals inventory. It performs the entire denim washing operations in a single step, against conventional four products and a minimum 3-5 bath operation.

Dovoy-Zyme Scour 60 is another innovative product that brings a revolution to the textile industry. Scour 60 is a neutral pectate lyase enzyme that helps our customers to eliminate caustic and silicate from pretreatment baths that reduces BOD and COD up to certain levels. It also renders a soft handle to the fabric along with a significant reduction in weight loss.

Textile Today: What’s your products’ unique selling proposition (USP)? How can your products be a better alternative for Bangladeshi textile and apparel manufacturers?

Amit Kaushik: Innovation and value addition pave our success in Bangladesh, we always aim to provide maximum value to our customers. We are dealing with products that are highly cost-effective in terms of overall value as we are providing concentrated products that help our customers to overcome challenges like ever[1]increasing transportation costs, inventory management, and bond issues.

As there is a growing trend toward sustainability by brands and buyers, we are pleased to share that our products are compliant with GOTS, ZDHC Level-3, Reach, and Oeko-tex and complied with the RSL and MSRL of all reputed brands. Textile Today: How do you see the Bangladesh market? What challenges and scopes do you see in the market? What is your plan to win the market?

Sahil Hans: It is a well-known fact that Bangladesh is the fastest-growing market for textiles. Bangladesh is a hub for quality textile products at the most competitive prices which is in tandem with our core value ‘inter[1]alia’ providing the best quality products at the most competitive prices. We always aim to deliver maximum value to our customers by providing innovative products.

Usually, sustainable solutions have always been found to be too expensive as compared to conventional products and processes. Our intent has always been to provide sustainable products and use innovative solutions to minimize their ecological impacts, this strategy has so far worked well and helped us win the markets.

Rising costs of raw materials and buyers’ push towards sustainability is a big challenge that the textile processing industry has been facing not only in Bangladesh but across the globe. Our approach to understanding the specific market needs and delivering accordingly is the way forward.

We want to be seen as a significant player in the Bangladesh textile industry, and in pursuit of this objective, we are planning to set up an application laboratory in Bangladesh by the next fiscal year. We believe that this will be highly beneficial in providing technical services to our valued customers.

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