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Amsler with groundbreaking innovations and solid developments at ITMA 2019

The specialized manufacturer of value-added yarn systems for spinning frames Amsler Tex will present at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, says a PR. The company is known for decades for its Swiss-made, robust and economic manufacturing devices for Sluband Core-yarn. The announced bouquet of ITMA-news encompasses three directions:

  • Innovation
  • Relaunch
  • Upgrade

Innovation Wrapper yarn:

Amsler Inspiration Wrapper yarn
Figure 1: Amsler Inspiration Wrapper yarn.

Wrapper yarn is a novel kind of yarn for new fashion or functional applications (Patents Pending). Wrapper yarn consists of a basic yarn in the center, which is wrapped by an additional yarn or filament, and is manufactured in one step on a spinning frame.

The applications are broad. Knitwear with wrapper yarn shows an astonishing softness, has little spirality and enjoys low pilling as well as good dimensional stability.

Relaunch Core V:

Amsler Relaunch Core V
Figure 2: Amsler Relaunch Core V.

Amsler’s Core yarn system is famous for its proven and unbeaten technology. In order to keep its aim to offer «the best core yarn device in the world» Amsler makes a relaunch. The new system Core V simplifies the handling, while keeping and improving the elastan centering performance as well as the rock-solid filament monitoring and roving stop function.

Upgrade Control Unit STG 4000 to STG 5000:

The long-lasting profitable use of Amsler devices is an important aim of all Amsler’s activities. In this context, Amsler promotes an upgrade of the existing STG 4000 control units of its loyal customers to the new STG 5000 system.

Amsler Upgrade STG 5000
Figure 3: Amsler Upgrade STG 5000 with a touch screen.

This is a smart enhancement of the current slub device, which increases efficiency, enhances slub yarn quality and improves costs. The customer receives 12 months warranty on the new components and can use the old items as spare parts for other Amsler devices.

Visit Amsler Tex at ITMA 2019, Hall H6 Booth A210.

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