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Apna Organics showcases innovative and sustainable solutions at Denim Expo

Apna Organics Pvt. Ltd. once again showcased its value with innovative, sustainable and value-driven solutions at a cost-effective price for the textile industry at the recently concluded Denim Expo 2022.

Shivam Saraf, Director, Apna Organics Pvt. Ltd. shared that, “This time around we have mainly showcased Apna Organics sustainable solutions in the expo.”

Apna Organics-innovative-sustainable-solutions-Denim-Expo
Figure: Amzad Hossain Monir (3rd from right), Head of Business Development, Textile Today with Apna Organics Pvt. Ltd. team in the Denim Expo 2022.

“For instance, we have brought e-Flow technology based on nanobubbles – technology solution – which provides highly efficient and consistent gas transfer across a broad range of water treatment processes. The idea behind this is to remove the usage of water completely. The most incredible thing is that we have done some dyeing processes without the need for stone and temperature. I think this innovative technology will be the future – which the textile industry has been looking for the last few years. And this is the biggest challenge we have overcome in the last two years. And finally, Apna Organics is able to showcase this innovative technology for our Bangladeshi customers.”

Apna Organics customers have shown remarkable responses to these sustainable innovative solutions – they have been looking for this kind of solution for a long. Recently, the cost rise of raw materials has put a huge burden on textile makers – whereas Apna Organics customers is giving top-notch solutions at a cost-effective price. Providing top-quality products at less cost will certainly benefit Bangladesh’s textile industry in the long run.

Shivam Saraf said, “In the last 2 years, the cost has gone up and despite this, we are providing quality solutions at less cost. And we are getting very good response from the industry people.”

Apna Organics Pvt Ltd holds a unique identity in the textile and apparel industry as a leading solution provider for the textile industry with its theme ‘A legacy of quality.’

Bangladesh’s chemical supplying market is very competitive and Apna Organics – defying all odds – are making great strides in the market.

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