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Apna Organics tending towards more innovation through Textile Today

Apna Organics Pvt. Ltd. extended its commitment to aid the textile industry to be more innovative and value-driven through Textile Today with its groundbreaking initiative ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’.

Earlier in 2021 – Apna Organics teamed up with Textile Today for steering innovation in the textile and apparel industry – after impressively serving the industry with innovation and value-addition, the collaboration extended on 9 August at Apna Organics premises to cater to the textile industrialists and technical community in an extensive-angle.

Apna Organics-Textile-Today-innovation-hub
Figure: Shivam Saraf, Director, Apna Organics (Right) received a memento from Tareq Amin, Managing Director, Textile Today in the memento handover ceremony.

In the memento handover ceremony Shivam Saraf, Director, Apna Organics Pvt Ltd. received a memento from Tareq Amin, Managing Director, Textile Today as a symbol of Innovation Associates of Textile Today Innovation Hub.

Apna Organics Pvt Ltd, a leading textile chemical solution provider, holds its exclusive sustainable identity in the textile and apparel industry upholding its theme ‘A legacy of quality.’ The family-owned leading textile chemicals manufacturer – Apna Organics—upholds sustainability as its core, passing from one generation to another and ensuring a certain standard of quality is maintained in all product ranges.

“We have been working in the Bangladesh market for the last 30 years and this is one of our biggest markets. Apna Organics and Textile Today Innovation Hub have been working hand in hand for quite some time. Now we are extending our tenure to widen the collaboration.”

“We always try to promote best practices and innovation culture of the Textile Industry of Bangladesh. Also, try to engage the companies with innovation. Apna Organics with their chemical solution, new technologies and new processes are helping the industry,” said Tareq Amin.

Apna Organics has already passed around 55 years of glorious journey as a textile chemical manufacturer and currently serving more than 24 countries of different continents with a good reputation.

To enforce this sustainable credibility in the industry – ISO Certifed Apna Organics products hold certifications from GOTs VERSION 6.0 (more than 100 products), Ø ZDHC LEVEL 3 (more than 100 products), OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT (around 25 products), Higg Index (Higgs ID: 19621), SCIVERA, ToxFMD, AATCC, EIM, GreenScreen, REACH Certification by EU, Signatory Member UN Global Compact and many more sustainable initiatives.

This collaboration between Apna Organics and ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’ will increase to a greater scale. Textile Today Innovation Hub has been working on numerous industrial projects with a systematic approach to finding out solutions. The solutions that can help the textile and garment industries to become more sustainable.

Apna Organics also has a unique initiative called Green-TagTM. This Green-TagTM ensures that the garment or the fabric has complied with the best processes and the best chemicals. That signifies that all the Green-TagTM apparel is manufactured by using sustainably produced chemicals. The main aim is to make the consumer aware of what they are buying and thus make them make an informed decision.

Apna Organics intends to work with clients now and in the future having a presence in global, national and regional markets with valuable brand equities to which Apna Organics Pvt Ltd would like to contribute.

Being a part of the ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’ Apna Organics will not only support the platform to function effectively but also the Associates will be able to utilize the knowledge, communication and networking leverage of the platform to position them in the markets as an innovation-driven business.

Becoming a part of this ‘Innovation Hub’ Textile Today Associates will not only help the platform work effectively but also enable partners to place the platform’s knowledge, communication, and networking leverage on the market as their innovation-driven business.

Sandeep Dave, Country Head, Apna Organics Pvt Ltd; Amzad Hossain Monir, AGM and Sayed Abdullah, Asst. Manager Textile Today were Also present at the event.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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